Just A Number

Winter is well and truly here. It’s been peeking through sporadically but it’s rained and been so cold all week. It’s impossible to use an umbrella due to the hectic winds in Cape Town. Even with a hooded raincoat one gets drenched getting to and from the car. 

Winter is not pleasant. 

And then we have days like today which are sunny and gorgeous and warm. Sometimes you have all that in one afternoon. 

Work has been so busy with there not being enough hours in the day to achieve all of the tasks we have on our project plan. I leave around 7 am in the dark and come home about 7 pm in the dark. 

There are roadworks all along my route so it’s a nightmare. 

With all of these stresses it was a relief to go to Body Reactivation and have David work out the tightness in my shoulders. 

We were pretty good about cooking this week. We did get pizza from Massimo’s one night when we all got home late. Lily started her new job this week as a Concierge and is having training. 

We had bookclub this week at Camilla’s who made us a lovely dinner and we celebrated Melanie’s birthday with cake. It’s always good to catch up with the girls as life is too busy to see everyone. 

My son Trevor and his girlfriend Amber came down from Wilderness on Thursday night and Norm shopped so we did fish cakes for the pescatarian girls and chicken sausage and mash for the carnivores with tart red cabbage, green beans and gravy made from the sausage drippings. 

The weather turned for the better on Friday and Trevor went to the American embassy to get his passport renewed. He was born in Los Angeles, California so is an American citizen but has permanent residency in SA. The rest of us all went off to work. Friday evening the kids all used Uber Taxis to get to Sgt. Pepper on Long Street and said the pizzas are the best they have had! I must put them on my list of places to try. I love that my kids are pals and like to party together. 

Norm and I treated ourselves to a curry from Indian Oven in Hout Bay. We love their food and always have the same thing, I have Prawn curry and Norm has chicken korma and we share the divine spinach dish saag alloo. Their naan is thin and crispy and garlicky. 

Saturday was Trevor’s birthday and he got a stack of presents when he woke. 

He was given a special gaming mouse and mouse pad, a shirt, a board game, a card game and some other cool gifts, he seemed to genuinely like them all. 

After he opened his presents and recovered from the night before a bit, everyone got ready as they were off to Hint Hunt. According to their website ‘HintHunt® is a new simple and fun live escape game, designed for small groups of 3-5 people. You get 60 minutes to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a tiny room. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time! Else … you could be trapped inside forever! During this engaging and challenging game team members truly live and breathe in union for an hour.’

The kids loved it. 

That evening we booked in to my fave place, Ragafellows for birthday burgers. 


We had a variety, from the vegetarian burger to various beef burgers and we were all very pleased with our food. We had the little onion petals as well which are to be recommended. For starters we got a couple of portions of the crispy calamari to snack on. 

We had a lovely evening.




We didn’t want a late night as we wanted to play Avalon, one of Trevor’s new presents so we asked for the bill.  Next thing we know they brought Trevor a birthday treat. 

It was yummy we all had a taste. 

I had made a rich chocolate cake which we ate that night, but we ended up just slobbing out  and not playing a game but it was so nice having us all together. Norm popped out on a Neighbourhood Watch call but wasn’t too late getting home. 

Today it was again such a stunning day and we all slept late then went for brunch at The RiverWay Cafe

We all woke starving and happily devoured our food. We had a good mix of things from the menu. 


In order below, Caitlin and Amber had the smashed. Trev had the Kitchen Sink, Norm and I had the Retro roll which was delicious. 

Lily had the Old Arnold with Bacon. She thought the hollandaise to be perfect, light and creamy. Not stodgy like some. She is a fussy wee madam so if you please her you are doing well. 

We had a delicious meal and the kids hit the road home to the Garden Route. It is so special that at 29 my boy wants to spend his birthday with family. Maybe it’s the cake!? 😽 I don’t feel old enough to have a child his age. 

Again I end my weekend feeling oh so blessed. 

I have a beautiful family.


 I have a job that pays well which I enjoy and a gorgeous home. Life can’t get much better. Except for a few grandkids ….that would be the cherry on the cake. But until then I’ll just keep counting my blessings. 

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