Wedding Bells and Saxophones

On Friday we had a team workshop at our head offices in Canal Walk. We spent the day planning our next phase of work. We then had drinks in the offices to say cheerio to Rhona who is moving to the UK.

We just had a chilled evening at home on Friday as we knew we had a busy weekend planned.

Saturday we had a relaxed morning and late afternoon headed over to our friends Karen and Scott’s wedding.

It was held at the school where Karen teaches as they were on a tight budget. But they managed to make everything look very nice and it was a lovely day. We met some people that I have ‘seen’ and chatted to before on twitter so it was nice to put faces to twitter handles.

Karen looked stunning and it was just such a joy filled day. They are such a lovely couple. They have 6 children between them small to young adult with Karen’s oldest 2 being mothers themselves. Karen has 2 beautiful grandchildren, very near in age- the best thing ever for cousins. There were lots of family members and friends who have been there since the 1st tweet up where Karen and Scott met. We both really like Karen and Scott, sound, sincere, honest, no bullshit people. I wish them every happiness.


We had drinks and a delicious meal prepared by Karen’s daughter, and chatted for a bit then headed home as Lily was on her own at home.

Today we went to another of the Jazz events at Spiro’s and my friend Caroline joined us.

They played lots of familiar tunes and we had a lovely relaxing day.


I was in the mood for something different so I ordered pork chops. Or so I thought. I was served my food and thought they seemed a bit small and looked more lamb than pork, but there were 5 so thought that amount would be fine. But then I tasted one and remarked that it tasted like lamb as well. Then Caroline drily said ‘that’s because you ordered lamb’. Hmm. That explained that then. I’m not a fan of lamb. Especially chops. But I ate them. They were moist and tender and to people who like lamb they are probably amazing. To me, well, they were lamb. Bleh. Not to the chops, just to eating lamb in general. I might have enjoyed them more could I pick them up and gnaw on em. Silly me.

For dessert Caroline had a massive slice of lemon cake.

It was delish.

I had a Dom Pedro and we stayed til the last song and headed home.

Lots of people were up dancing- even Spiro did a wee turn. He’s quite the wee mover.


I love Hout Bay.

We had such a brilliant weekend. Such fun.

I hope you did too?

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