Puppies and Powers

The last week has been both incredibly stressful and incredibly amazing.

Last Sunday while out walking my husband and our dogs were attacked by one of our neighbour’s dog. Our dogs were on leads, walking on the road. Their dogs were off lead and ran out of their own garden and their big dog picked up my teacup Pomeranian in his mouth an started shaking him and slamming him on the ground.

Norm then kicked out at the dog to get him to drop Panda, and the dog then bit Norm.


The owner eventually notices what’s going on and comes out to drag off his biggest dog, but not until he had done major damage to Panda pup. Here he is when the vet shaved him the next morning. He also knocked out all of his front teeth which the vet can do nothing about really.


These dogs are a nuisance. They come down to our gate and harass our dogs through the gate, trying to nip them, and this is causing our dogs to then fight. They have chased our domestic worker down the road trying to bite her and they have tried to attack our dogs while on lead before as well.
If you have a dog known to be aggressive then why would you allow it to roam the streets?!

The vet said that the shaking had pulled loose the skin from the muscle of his abdomen. As it was so soon they couldn’t see how much damage so they put in a drain.


Panda came home and we put him in Cait’s room on the wee dog bed with a sheepskin (fake. Calm down.) cover. He slept until late evening and he started moving as if sore and whimpering.

We rang and the vet said he could have anti inflammatory meds which helped a bit.

He spent a few days just lying and looking half alive. The vets at Penzance were brilliant and had him come in every morning to be checked. They said he had a wee bit of infection as the drain was blocked but we just hoped the antibiotics got on top of it. He started feeling feverish to me one evening and the next day looked like he was near death. The infection was bad and the vets had to open him and do a proper curettage of the damaged tissue.

He was raw all under his wee leg as well from the other dog’s teeth. He was one unhappy miserable looking dog. He had stopped eating when feverish and went 3 days without eating at all. In a 3kg dog that can be fatal. They dehydrate so easy. The vet gave us some horrid looking goop the dogs loved the smell of and he ate that from a dropper. To be fair we gave him no choice. Eventually I made him an organic chicken soup, boiling it til it fell apart, then removing the chicken and boiling the carcass until a broth I could drain. It is very healthy. He built up his strength and moved back into our room and is mostly back to normal. He nearly died when he was so infected. He looked so miserable. And so flat. Scary stuff cos I adore this boy.


Now he is jumping round and looking almost normal. What a relief.

On Saturday I went to my friend Karen’s hen night.

I was a bit late as Norm had been called out to deal with one of the volunteers. Eventually I rocked up to join the girls who were already in full swing. We had a few shots. This is a springbok, creme de menthe and amarula cream.

We had caramel vodkas and all sorts and made Karen do all manner of naughty, silly, hen nighty things. .


We had a guy offer himself up as the entertainment. We had no choice really. He fancied himself as an exotic dancer. He was neither exotic nor a dancer.

But he was funny.

There was a random fisherman sitting alone at another table in the pub. He was working a puzzle and had nothing to drink so I sent him a pint. He came to thank me before he left.

Actually now I wonder if I made up the bit about him being a fisherman. Maybe it’s the striped top and beanie. Maybe he is just cold.

The blokes and our itineraries clashed as we never left our original pub The Toad In The Road a cute old fashioned proper pub. I’ve blogged previously about the brilliant burgers at the sister restaurant Toad In The Village

The music was brilliant. Or we were drunk and easily pleased.
Or both.

The men had been all over with Scott the groom doing karaoke while dressed as a woman, dress, wig, make up and all.

We had such a great night and such a laugh. In fact, I don’t remember leaving! They are such a fabulous couple, they met on Twitter, fell in love and have built a lovely blend of children, young adults, grandchildren and everyone seems to be happy. All it takes is love. I look forward to watching them finally tie the knot.

I spent Sunday recovering and didn’t get out my pajamas. The phone line was down for 4 days so no internet, hence the length of the blog, ha!

I have alluded to issues at work and my desire to leave. All I’ll say is that my issue has been resolved. I resorted to doing a wee bit of majik. A nice bit. A protective over myself spell. To stop anyone harming me.

Now things are perfect. We have a proper project manager and things are looking positive. I’m not leaving now. I’m happy again.

Once again I tapped into the power of my ancestors and it did me favours.

My power is returning in many ways I feel untethered. Wings open, ready to fly. I must just trust the Universe and my ancestors will catch me.

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