Sparklers & Rena the Rhino

Things at work are still settling after the team reforming, a new team lead and the addition of an additional project manager means there will be a period of readjustment. But the energy is more open and transparent and that will result in rapid uplift I feel and also be mitigation of the risk of exceeding timelines. So my stress has gone now, I’m not losing sleep or tense. Thank you Universe for shifting that energy.

Yesterday was my birthday. That morning the girls woke up and gave me my pressies. I had asked for an exercise bike as I’d ridden one following my op. Norm gave me a lovely one.

I’ll give it a good go this weekend.

Oooerrr missus that sounds a wee bit rude.

The girls gave me a lovely African design gourd which I adore.



They also gave me a glass jar full of fudge which is great as it will match the other jars in my kitchen after we eat the fudge. I have a jar and box fetish. It was sweet of them spending their precious pocket money.

I didn’t want a fuss this year (very unlike me). I didn’t fancy a party and didn’t even take leave from work, I can’t remember ever working on my birthday! Our lives are so busy and there is so much going on that the additional pressure of organizing even a meal was stressing me too much. I normally want an elaborate dinner at a minimum, but I didn’t even fancy that on a weeknight. I requested going for burgers at Ragafellows, my usual fave. The food is always good. It’s always got great service. So off we went, just me, Norm and the girls. We arrived to a table all decorated with balloons. Very sweet.

Spiro was there to personally seat us and he did a great job working the crowd as always. 😀

We had a lot of laughs.


I do love spending time with my gorgeous girls.


We shared a few starters and then all had burgers, Lily and I both had the Bertram which is a fat handmade beef patty, topped with chorizo pulled pork, basil pesto, rocket & tomato. We both had them hold the pesto as we don’t enjoy basil. Pulled pork is one of my fave things ever.

We had dessert even though we were stuffed, we just felt the occasion called for at least that. I ordered ice cream and it came with both a flaming sparkler and the whole staff singing happy birthday trailing behind Spiro. I caused much hilarity in my embarrassment as I tried to first blow out the sparkler then grab it, burning my fingers. All while Spiro egged me on. Doh. I can’t help it if I can’t see what’s going on.

A highlight of my day was my son ringing, it is always lovely to hear from him. Another was when my friend Mandi rang from Canada. I do miss her so. Life is a little less bright without her. Another highlight was my friends Retha and Pierre popping by to say Happy Birthday. They brought me such a lovely present of a beautiful turquoise coloured tin.

These colours are what I want in my new kitchen.

All this week I have been applying for finance for a new car. The bank wanted a deposit and so I had to pop to the bank to sort that out. The funny thing is the money I got back from SARS the following day was almost the same amount! Thank you Universe, you always provide!

I picked up the car on my birthday. I didn’t plan it but it’s the way it happened. I left work at 2 o’clock to collect it. They gave me flowers and had a cheesy blanket and bow covering it. I had a giggle.

I am loving driving my new car. I am less road rage-y as it won’t go near as fast as my old car so why try to race? I’m loving that I can take my time tootling up Table Mtn or queue without panicking that I might roll backwards into someone while sitting in an almost vertical position. I may be having some old age mellowing happening that I enjoy going slow.

I did have one embarrassing moment when I stopped for petrol and couldn’t remember how to get the petrol cap to pop open. Luckily the attendant took charge and opened the car door and flipped a wee switch.
He also offered to buy my old car. He offered R45k as that is what he has saved. Um, no.

I’ve decided to name my car Rena after my Grandma. She is grey and chunky like a Rhino so I decided an R prefix name was in order, and Rena is my guardian angel now as she was while alive on more than one occasion. It’s an obvious choice.


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