Cheap French Tart

It’s been a week of bad news. They do always say bad things come in threes and in this case ‘they’ are right!

First, I had confirmation they didn’t have a role available for me at the company I was keen on where I went for the interview. But they said they liked me and would contact me should a role suitable for my requirements become available. Whatever that means. Hey ho. I sent my CV out in response to a few adverts. We will see what comes up.

Second, I got the trade in offer for my Peugeot. It’s a 2l 307CC with low mileage and insurance value is R95k and they will only offer R30k! Feck that. I need to sell it privately. So I’ll be buying my new car all on loan.

Third. Robin Williams. He was so loved. I’m so heartbroken for his children left without their father. This is the tweet Zelda sent after her father died.

Just heartbreaking. Zelda just turned 25 yrs old last week. Similar age as my daughters. Terribly sad the black dog won.

But life for the rest of us goes on. We move forward.

I’ll put my car on some website and hope I don’t get murdered while selling it. This is South Africa after all. That shit happens.


I’ll hit up some recruiters on LinkedIn and check some websites. In the meantime I have a job, however intolerable. I have a family, I have a stunning home. I have a wonderful husband.

I have to just keep focussing on those things and not let the bad things in my life overwhelm me.

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