Highs and Lows

This weekend started out rather dismally. Friday afternoon I went to see my GP as I have a few random things going on with my body which I have been ignoring, but the latest symptom is swelling in my mouth which interfered with eating. For a foodie that was the impetus to get me to the doctor. I listed my symptoms and he examined me, then he told me he thinks I have a stress induced auto immune disease. He showed me images of severe cases which, quite frankly, freaked me the fuck out. The pics were of my same symptoms amplified by 10. He said it could also be a vitamin deficiency or hepatitis C. It can also be a systemic reaction to the metal in my hip replacement. So he has told me to get to a dermatologist ASAP and he’s done loads of blood tests to try and identify the cause. He’s put me on an intense vitamin B complex, given me drops for my eyes and cortisone for my lesions.

I was so depressed and upset all evening after I got home, crying on and off for hours. I barely slept that night, and spent all day in bed yesterday alternating between total fear and feeling sorry for myself.

We were invited to our friend Wendy’s birthday on Saturday night at Spiro’s in Hout Bay, but I was so tired from lack of sleep and worry that I didn’t feel at all keen on going. But we are the sort of people who always try to fulfill any commitments we make, and I also thought it would help to get me out of my own headspace to celebrate someone else’s happiness, so we got ourselves ready and went.

I am so glad we did! It was just what I needed. Norm said he hasn’t seen me that happy in a while. I think the 4 large strawberry daiquiris helped keep me smiling, but it was so much fun to just dance, dance and dance. The venue looked lovely and the music was pumping and I had a sidekick in Erika. Unfortunately all the pics I took of the 2 of us are too dark (see reference to excessive cocktail consumption) so I stole one of the venue from the birthday girl.


The staff all came and did a funny birthday dance and we all joined in.


I really enjoyed myself and we finally toddled home with me very tipsy. I woke this morning with a thumping head and a mouth as dry as Ghandis flip flop. We were booked with friends to go to lunch at Quentin’s at Oakhurst but woke to a message from my friend that she had someone try to steal her car so we rescheduled. I was both disappointed and relieved. Disappointed in that I have heard amazing things about his food and the venue, relieved in that I am hanging so bad I don’t think I would do the food the justice it is due.

However, being hungover I needed food, so Norm and I decided to try a new place near home, it’s literally 5 minutes up the hill. We were lucky to go early as we got the only unbooked table available. The drive was straight up and I see why it is called Treetops!


It is a cold day and we were glad the venue was nicely warm. It was full of large windows so it was lovely and bright as well.


The menu isn’t extensive it looked like they just have a few things which are fresh and local, but once I saw the option of a sirloin beef roast I didn’t even look at the rest of the menu. It was just what my hangover needed. And I was not at all disappointed.

The portions were massive! At R130 I thought it reasonably priced for what was on the plate. My only comment is I would have liked my Yorkshire pudding to be full of gravy. Under these slabs of beef was a pile of crispy roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. The vegetables were al dente just the way I like them and the Yorkshire pud was crispy and light. The beef was so tender it barely needed a knife. It really was an exceptional plate of food.

Their contact details are below, do yourself a favour and book in for lunch soon.

Silvermist Mountain Lodge Estate, Constantia Nek
7800 Cape Town, Western Cape
Today 08:00 – 16:30
Phone 021 794 7601
Email silvermisteatery@gmail.com
Website http://www.silvermistmountainlodge.co.za

Norm is now snoozing on the couch, the doggies are cuddled up with me and I’m feeling less panicked about my health. Of course I could still be anesthetized with rum from last night. Or I may have just regained a bit of perspective on the situation. Whatever it is that is wrong with me, I am making moves to remove myself from that stressful situation which seems to have triggered it, I have great friends and a supportive family and a husband who is my rock. I’ll get through this.

As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I know my own strength, I’m a ‘have a good cry and get on with it sorta girl’ I always find a solution.

Wish me luck. Xx

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