Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Life is on that downhill slide to the end of the year when most of South Africa shuts down.

Not like the same sense as the USA shut down, cause that is just silly. Our shut down just involves, sun, sand and sea…and a bit of wine. OK probably a lot of wine, but we do live in the wine route so that is to be expected.

The result is that everyone is tired – many of us have not had time off since last year. I am an exception as I had 3 months of sick leave with my hip op, but that was hardly a vacation!

I find from October the world is a whirlwind, planning for our big Halloween party, making plans and shopping for Christmas, and then on top of that maintaining our normal busy social life.

Last night we went to the Rihanna concert in Cape Town and the Stadium. The City of Cape Town arranges a shuttle service but we generally have rotten timing when it comes to catching one. For the Red Hot Chilli Peppers we had to stand and wait for over an hour and ended up missing the opening act. Yesterday we arrived just as one was leaving but there was another pulling in so we got very excited until we boarded and realised we were the 1st to board and would have to wait for it to fill up before it departed. But at least we were sitting!

We used the time as an impromptu photo opportunity.
me bus rhi

The girls and I were taking lots of silly snaps which made the bus driver think we were lunatics.
rhi bus girls

Eventually we made it into the city, the view of the sea along the coast road is amazing from a bus as it is so high up you get a different perspective than from a car. We arrived to find Norm already there and grabbed a bite to eat and headed to our seats just as GTA started their set. The music was good and we had a lot of amusement watching the people in the standing section dance like crazy people.

Rihanna came on the stage pretty much on schedule, and I thought the show was brilliant.
rhi screen
A lot of negativity had been floating about the twittersphere about the Johannesburg show, but no diva behaviour here in the Mother City. Rihanna said her family were here with her and based on her Instagram pics she was having a fine time playing tourist.

This caption made me laugh as I adore Fashion Police.
She looked happy to be here performing.

As always when I attend anything where other humans are allowed, we had a wee bit of drama. I tend not to play well with others. There were 2 guys sitting behind us who had a very loud conversation throughout the entire 1st part of the show. I have never understood people who attend a show of any kind and then natter all the way through it?

So I turned round and shouted at them to “STFU as I had paid to hear Rihanna, not you two. If they have something so important to say go to the bar.”

This highly annoyed them so they then proceeded to shout in Afrikaans for us to ‘dance you f*ck$#s’.

So we did.

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