Keep it up

The rest of the week flew after Rihanna. My neck and shoulder were in spasm so I emailed an osteopathy dude I had heard about and he just happened to have an appointment for me Friday afternoon during lunch hour. Funny how the Universe literally had my back.

Here is their local website if you wish to check it out.

It was the first time I had ever been to an myosteopath and was really impressed with the treatment. It is like the Bowen Technique and McTimmoney Chiropractic technique had a baby technique. Some deep acupressure, some reflexology moves, some stretching, some flicking (like in McTimmoney). I left feeling almost high from the released energy coursing thorough my body.

I met my friends Dawn and Chris and their daughters for cake and coffee at Hout Bay Manor. The cake on special was black Forrest, a dark chocolate gateaux with cherry filling and a creamy frosting. We ended up having 2 rounds of coffee and tea as we were having such a good chat. Seems ages since I saw them all and it was the perfect kick off for the weekend.

Friday the family were all home so we rented The Hangover 3 and had take aways from Cassarechio. They do some amazing pasta dishes. I had the Prawns Gamberi on Friday. It is a creamy tomato garlicky sauce with lots of big prawns. One of my faves from there.

Saturday I woke to find my neck and shoulder were seized up again. I was supposed to go to the local superspar to see about ordering some of their platters for my Halloween party. But I decided that could be done during the week. Caitlin and I were due to go to the hairdresser at 1 and she was going to a friend after so couldn’t give me a lift home. Norm kindly offered to come to collect me after so off we went. I had a lovely neck massage and it helped a bit. My hair got lots of red highlights, I love it.

Poor Norm had to race home, drop me, then head off to his puppy training with Navajo. When he got back he looked exhausted so I suggested we go a bit late to the party we were attending. We both nodded off but luckily Lily woke us or we would have probably slept all evening! We got ready and headed out to Re:Public, starving! The kitchen was closed so we just popped in and said hello to everyone and birthday girl Lee, then popped round the corner to Papino’s for a fillet steak. Their steaks are always tender, with no icky bits, and come with a nice variety of carbs and al dente veggies. They also do a fried mushroom side which is simply mushrooms fried in butter and garlic which I love with steaks.

We then went back to Re:Public and chilled with some new friends from Hout Bay Organised our local Face Book group. There was a DJ and dancing but it was so hot in there that it was unbearable so we had to duck without dancing.

Today we are just relaxing at home. Norm and I are cooking. I am doing a roast gammon, sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil, glazed carrots and Norm is doing potato dauphinoise. He also bought a yummy chocolate dessert so that should round it off nicely.

My weekend has been full of family, friends, good food and good times in a beautiful environment. I feel very blessed.

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