It’s Just a Jump To The Left

This week kicked off on Monday with a safety talk put on by Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch. The speaker was my friend Kelee Arrowsmith of Advanced Conflict Training. Advanced Conflict Training Kelee is amazing and I recommend you attend one of her courses if you live in Cape Town.

Wednesday morning the book club girls arranged a belated birthday celebration at Hout Bay Manor. I had delicious Eggs Benedict and we all shared a piece of chocolate cake.


The girls gave me a voucher for the spa at the Manor.

Thursday I had a meeting with our MD who told me he has a few potential projects lined up for me with 2 new clients. That is exciting as things are wrapping up here on my current project. However that means an end to my working from home. I’ve loved just rattling downstairs and working in my track suits and baggy jumpers.

Friday I went for a mani-pedi with my friend Retha to Le Chic. We have started going together as it means we can have time to chat and catch up. Even though we see each other at events and things we don’t always get chat time.

Saturday was a hen night for our friend Melanie. She is already married to the man of her dreams, they are recognizing their 20th anniversary with a renewal on the beach in Mauritius. What posh friends I have!

We went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Fugard Theatre.
The theatre is named after one of SA’s best playrights, Athol Fugard. It is a charming ex-church hall in the centre of Cape Town next to District 6, an area rich in Apartheid history.

The show was too fabulous!! The star was of course Frank N Furter played brilliantly by Brendan Van Rhyn, a massively tall, deep voiced, long legged apparition. He was just amazing! Born to play this role.

All of the cast were great, with special mention for Janet and Riff Raff, both who were perfectly tuned with the movie version of the characters. And face it, for RHPS no one wants people to do their own interpretation, we want sound and look-a likes.

I sang at the top of my lungs as I have seen this movie and show more times than I can count. They did some very clever graphics so that it looked like Brad and Janet were driving in a car, and a similar thing at the end with Riff Raff and Magenta flying back to Transexual Transylvania. I just loved it. The girls all dressed up for the occasion in tiaras and we made Melanie wear a silly veil.


After the show we all headed back to Hout Bay to the new restaurant Pescarne. A couple of other ladies joined us and we were all quite festive in our tiaras after a few glasses of wine. The menu was very extensive – mostly meat and seafood as the name implies but lots of options. We decided to have a selection of starters to share. We ordered the prawn, mango and avocado salad, the fried halloumi, carpaccio, tempura prawns, calamari and rice. It was all beautifully presented and really tasty. They also brought plates of pita with pesto for the table. All the cutlery and serving items were Carol Boyce, all very classy and stylish. Chunky silver cutlery and white dinner ware with rich linens.

For my main I ordered the fillet steak with a king prawn on top but I dug in so quick I didn’t get a pic which is a shame as it was so pretty! The prawn was butterflied and grilled and covered in a garlic aioli type sauce heavy with coconut flavour, it was divine! The fillet rested on a bed of mash and was cooked to perfection. It was so rich in taste, it had to have been hung as it was delicious. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their food. We were washing it all down with copious amounts of wine, I was having the La Motte Sauvignon Blanc, an easy drinking, sharp dry wine I love as it is easily affordable.

For dessert many of us ordered the chocolate fondant which came with ice cream and a yummy spun sugar nest.

I would return just for a repeat of this! It was warm and melting inside, chocolate oozing when cut into. The outside was crispy and light. It really was exceptional.

I had a great night with lots of laughs with my girls, it ended in a panic as I realized I had no house keys to get in and no one was home. I rang Norm who came to rescue me and we collected Navajo from a friend who volunteered to look after him for us.

It has been a busy week and I am enjoying resting today. Enjoy your remaining little bit of weekend everyone. X

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