Daddy’s Home

It has become a bit of a standing joke in our house that as soon as Norm (Mr Kitten in the city) goes away, chaos ensues. At one point I almost believed he had set things up to go wrong just so I appreciate him. But that level of underhandedness is more my style than his.

Since he left 2 weeks ago we had another break in attempt, my car battery decided to take a holiday and the washing machine packed in. But we all survived, and it gave me another lesson in being self sufficient.

My weekend was enjoyable however. I had a hair appointment on Friday afternoon in the CBD and my car would not start so I had to man up and drive Norm’s. My car is a sleek 2 seater, low riding, cabriolet and Norm drives a 7 seater mega soccer mom-mobile. I thought I might need a ladder just to get in the damn thing. But I managed to get in and even managed to back out of the garage and gate. I did fine and started to feel quite confident until I needed 3rd gear. WTF?! Who took 3rd gear?? I kept ramming into 1st when I needed 3rd but eventually managed to make my way over the mountain, round the mountain etc and into town, mostly in 2nd or 4th gear. I cannot parallel park even in my own car so knew that was off the cards, I drove round til I found a spot on a corner I could just drive into. Brilliant right? Yes until the attendant asked me to back up as I was straddling 2 spots. Could I find reverse? Could I heck. I kept grinding the gears and each time I edged closer to the wee car in front of me, until finally the attendant just told me it was fine, just to leave it. (That made me laugh.)

On Friday evening the kids were all away or busy so I invited my friend Mandi over after my hair appointment and we got Thai take aways, drank lots of wine and watched ‘The Perks of Being a Wildflower.’ If you have not watched it then I would recommend it. I loved that movie but it was so heartbreaking at times – I wanted to give the lead character a big hug starting from his opening speech and it carried right through to the end.

Best quote from the film: ‘we accept the love we think we deserve’. This is so true! It took me many years to realise that I deserve to be treated with kindness, care and love and that when someone offered me that – to realise I deserve it and am worthy of that level of love and attention. I see so many of the women I know who do not think they deserve this same level of care and love and repeatedly choose horrendous men who treat them badly. This is not completely the fault of the men as no one can take anything we do not give away. (and this is on a ‘spiritual’ or emotional level obviously as I did not give away my ipad and computer to the drug crazed eejit yet he still took it, work with me here people.)

Saturday I woke quite late to find that I had an hour to get ready for an event. My usual event companion Retha was ill and so she sent her hubby Pierre. Pierre and I always have a laugh as we have the same sense of humour so while I missed hanging with Retha I knew that Pierre and I would still have fun.

I have to confess that I had no idea who the speaker was at the event, I had just read that she was a chef and I had wrongfully assumed she was cooking for us, but nope. We had the normal chef from Hout Bay Manor and instead I was at the head table and got to actually meet the speaker, Jenny Morris who turned out to be such a funny, entertaining woman. In other circumstances I would have gotten her number and had her round for a meal – but no chance am I cooking for a chef even if she was interested in hanging out with me.

Jenny is such a well known chef not only in SA but around the world. She has written several cookbooks and has her own cooking show on the Food Network. She told loads of amusing stories and talked about her childhood and how she got started with cooking.

The guests were offered 2 options:

When I saw the 2 starters I thought a ‘veloute’ was something in pastry or I never would have chosen it as I detest mushroom soup. It smells like a cross between dirt and man seed. Eek. But this was a different beast than any mushroom soup I have eaten, it was so delicious! The truffle cream was a special touch…

For my main I had chosen chicken, but the linefish also looked divine. There were so many flavours, the salsa was very intense and it all just combined in your mouth to a rather heavenly mix. And it was so colourful and fun on the plate.

It was such a fun day, we had a lot of laughs, intriguing conversations and lovely food.

How was your weekend?

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