Afraid of the Dark

I know that this blog was meant to be a social happy type blog about life in SAfrica, but at the moment it is not a happy little experience living here and therefore my experiences shared here are not so full of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns at the moment.

We have had a giant metal gate put up at the back, and have had quotes on putting up metal slam lock security doors for each of the bedrooms as the girls are not sleeping.

Last night I was watching telly downstairs on my own at about 10.30 and I could hear a lot of strange noises, but as the wind was howling I just thought it was my paranoid imagination. The dogs kept running around but not making too much of a fuss. But I was too anxious to stay downstairs alone so headed off to bed.

I was woken at 12.30 by the dogs barking like lunatics. Caitlin could hear voices but we could see nothing. Then this morning we hear that the little old lady behind us with the guest house was hit. They took her laptop, jewellry, cash and even her car. No word yet on whether she was injured. This is the house where they accessed our property the 1st time we were broken into. We have not put up razor wire there so they cannot get through.

None of us are sleeping. I am in a constant daze…..and I do not see an end to this. It is horrid to live your life in a state of fear, afraid to even sit in your own garden, panicking if you forget to put on the alarm.

My prayers are with my neighbour, I hope she was not injured.

7 thoughts on “Afraid of the Dark

  1. bloody hell…i know you and your good man will have your thinking caps on…what a shitter of a thing though…i know you don’t want to leave,and yet,at the same time the question keeps begging itself….america is back on the rise y’know..they say,on account of the farming and oil industry,the economy should be good within the next eight years..but i know you don’t want to leave…i know you love the place.


    1. You know I just cannot picture myself back in the US? I do love SA, crazy as that may sound with all the things going on now, but the weather, the beauty and yes, the people! As the majority of people here are warm and welcoming and honest and hard working – but the criminal element is on the rise. Also if I want to be near my kids this is where I have to be.


      1. yes..i know,princess…and people who don’t wimp out on what they want are the best,but keep the mind open too…we can get so locked into things sometimes…i just hope your authorities are addressing the issue..that it becomes a thing of the past that you once endured for a while.


  2. I hope so too but somehow can’t see an end to it. The police are understaffed and overworked and quite often poorly trained. The systems are archaic and the legal processes are on the side of the perp rather than the victim. For now we are just battening down the hatches, making it as safe as we can and riding it out to see. We have given up everything to be here – we have nothing left in the UK so to go back would be a huge thing….financially, emotionally, in every aspect.


    1. that’s the crazy’s when we’re so emotionally and circumstantially invested in things that we don’t have the necessary’s a paradox in that for all the adversity of living there,in another way it’s a comfort zone too,in the light of having to rebuild a life all over again…especially at our age….i’m just glad you have your fine husband there as a sounding board,cause it must be the mainstay of your conversations right now,and no bad thing either….don’t under rate yourself in your capability to adjust and rebuild somewhere else and for it to be good……

      y’know a funny thing about life is when things are really really bad,we sort of cope…bad situations become oddly normalised or acceptable or something…but you could look back three years from now in another country and go…”wow,did we really live like that? bedrooms with steel padlocked doors?”….i dunno …just don’t under rate yourself in your ability to make a big move and for it to work out alright.

      i hope this isn’t offering all this easy advice up n’all…it’s just very disarming to read how vulnerable you all are.

      but you’re a smart’re pro-active…you’ll do something.

      much love to you all.


      1. Of course it is not annoying! I appreciate the different perspectives. As you say living in a fortress is commonplace here. I probably have more security than Buckingham Palace! I just need a giant man with a bearskin hat and I would be good to go….
        As I have residency in 3 different countries at least I have options, so many South Africans have no choice but to stay here and survive.
        I just cant imagine being away from my kids again and they will never leave SA.


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