Vigilante Justice

I find that when you take ownership of something it empowers you. Norman has now joined the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) and this means you have access to a radio where you can be tuned into everything happening in the bay. It also means (and this is why we wanted it) that if in a crisis you can call the whole group of HBNW who then rides in like the cavalry. There are some very dedicated people who spend a lot of time and effort making this group possible.

Now for the negative side of the situation – you hear everything that is going on from a crime standpoint: all hours of the night. Last night at bedtime we discussed whether we should mute it or not but Norm felt he wanted to keep it tuned to our local area so if any instances occurred we are aware.

At approx. 2am the 1st voice came over the radio to say intruders on the property about 2 blocks away. Then the next one, 1 block away about 20 minutes later. And then the neighbours alarm goes off at approximately 3am. Norm and the dogs were then up dealing with the resulting chaos for an hour or so. These neighbours have just bought the house; they did a lot of renovations and therefore had a lot of workmen on site. It is funny how the risk of burglary increases post workmen. There are just 2 uni age kids living there as their parents bought the house for them to attend UCT. The perps just knocked down or pulled down the electric fencing and climbed over, in the house, goods removed and out again in less than 10 minutes.

I feel bad for Caitlin as she had an exam at 8am and I doubt she got much rest.

The only way that this country has a chance of taking control of the crime is by contributing to stopping it. We cannot all sit back and expect the police to do it – they cannot cope as they openly admit. It is vigilante time.

I am becoming hardened by this, I see it. If I found an intruder and I had a gun I would not hesitate to kill him. But my family do not want guns in the house and I respect that. The odds are not in your favour when you do have a gun, and I accept that but I grew up with guns, I was shooting targets with my cousins from a young age. I used to do target practice at the gun club in London.

But our house is not a democracy we like to decide collectively where possible. So for now – no guns.

On a lighter less explosive topic we are off to Pure Restaurant again tonight which is a real treat. They have a special tonight on a 5 course tasting menu with wine pairing – 2 for the price of one. I didn’t even need to see the menu to know I wanted to go so that is what we are planning for tonight.

I hope we have a night of peace in our little bay tonight. I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a brilliant weekend.

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