Feet of Clay

I was determined not to let the robbery attempt force me to withdraw into my house, and as a result I had a fab weekend.

Friday night I just chilled at home with Lily and Josh. It’s nice to have family time too.

Saturday the gardener came and I also had a few hours of work to make up, then that evening Retha came to get me and Pierre made some delicious pizza crust which was so nice and crisp, just perfect. He had also made some divine sauce so we all then decorated our own pizzas to our individual tastes. I had ham, black olives, feta, & spinach on top of the mozzarella and tomato sauce, then once cooked I added avocado.


The gypsy ham from our local Spar went crispy and tasted almost like pancetta. Mmmm. We washed it down with the bottles of Graham Beck bubbly we received in our goody bags from La Mouette twitterati party.


Today we went off to Clay Cafe, a little gem hidden up a dirt track off of the Main
Rd through Hout Bay. It is a hotspot for kids parties, so if you are kid averse then phone first and ask. There were no parties today so it was relatively quiet. There were all sorts of items to choose from- plates, cups, statues, ashtrays, dishes, teapots and vases. I chose a pâté dish and a bowl. I thought they would be nice when entertaining to be able to put olives, side dishes, all manner of things in both. I used the colors I want for my new kitchen. I chose teal, turquoise and sunflower yellow. The colors of sunshine and happiness and the sea.


The colors will darken once they have been fired.

We then went to Delish for a late lunch, I had an excellent beef burger with emmenthaler cheese and avocado while Retha had the calamari strips which were quite chunky but looked nice.

I’ve now settled in to watch American Idols while snuggled up with the pups.

I miss my hubby of course but am glad he is getting to see his family. The girls and Josh and I are coping, we all manage to get by. Wherever you are I hope you are surrounded by friends and family, because after all, that is all that matters.

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