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On Tuesday Norm and I decided we needed to adventure out of Hout Bay. As we had been wanting to go to the Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary African Art) since before it had even opened we decided to go for lunch and hit the museum afterwards. We had a slow morning and headed into the V&A Waterfront just before lunch. We had forgotten that the Cape Town Carnival was on the 2nd of January and the city centre was very busy as there were multiple roads closed in preparation, but eventually we managed to get to the waterfront and get parked under the museum by the Clock Tower.

We just wanted a quick bite so we wandered around until we found a place that did not look too terribly busy. As it is peak tourist season and half of South Africa  appear to be in Cape Town this week this was a wee bit of a challenge but eventually we spotted a table outside by the sea at Mondiall Kitchen & Bar. We settled in and ordered a drink.

We both ordered the Fish and Chips as that is what one does when at the seaside.

It was a nice size portion and was perfectly cooked. It was yummy. We relaxed a bit enjoying the view, but did not want to linger too terribly long as we wanted to get through all of the exhibitions at the museum. But it was a rather spectacular view from our table.

We did have to stop for the obligatory selfie on our way to the museum.

It is a very impressive building.

We decided to become members of the Zeitz MOCAA as it was a great deal. The view from the 6th floor is spectacular and we can just pop in for a drink or lunch and enjoy that view or we can keep an eye on the exhibits and go whenever they change. You basically pay for the membership if you go there twice.

When we entered we could hear a rather mournful and haunting melody playing which echoed throughout the rather imposing foyer. The song is part of the exhibit which is in the atrium. You can download a clip of the song HERE.

Nicholas Hlobo’s iimpundulu zonke ziyandilandela, hangs in the opening atrium and is rather spectacular. The blurb about the piece says “As oral histories inevitably disappear, Hlobo represents the Xhosa myth of the Lightning Bird or the witch’s servant, manifesting itself as a bird or an attractive man. Hlobo, however, morphs the myth to particular personal concerns taking into account taboos associated with masculinity and violence. The generosity of Hlobo’s practice allows us to enter a fantastical world not normally accessible to us.’

We obtained our membership cards quickly and easily and then went to watch the video about how they converted the old grain silos into the museum and hotel. It is a fascinating structure.

You can watch the video HERE.

After the film we headed up to the top floor with a plan of winding our way down from there. There is a sculpture garden for a few of the larger pieces of art and around this is a glass window with amazing views. Norm did not cope well with the view from the 6th floor. He is not good with heights but he did come to the window and snap a pic for me.

That’s true love.

From there we walked down the central spiral staircase to each of the levels.

I really loved the fashion aspect of the work of Nandipha Mntambo. Nandipha’s solo exhibition, Material Value, presents artworks that span an entire career of using cowhide and the cultural, historical, and universal associations we attribute to this medium.

This piece below made me think of my new painting and I called it ‘The Girl Who Killed a Million Cows.’

I also enjoyed the work by another artist whose name I did not note and surprisingly I can find nothing about this piece on the website. I have investigated and I think her name is Mary Sibande but if anyone has more info please advise and I will update the post.

There was minimal info that I could find on the meaning behind the piece but I spent ages walking around and sitting gazing at this tableau. It was so full of detail.

We watched two very interesting short films. I struggled to find much info on either of these online either. They were both very creative but I really loved the short film from the South African artist William Kentridge called ‘More Sweetly Played the Dance’ which looked like old faded black and white flickering film shown across multiple screens.

The music is so evocative of South Africa. We saw every thing available across all 6 floors. We really enjoyed our visit and will definitely go back sometime soon.

On Wednesday I had an appointment to see Kevin my chiro for an adjustment on my back. As I was leaving just before lunch I persuaded Norm to come with me and we stopped for lunch in Constantia on our way home. We went to Mugg & Bean as it is pretty reliable food and there are lots of seats so we were able to get a table even in season but it was very busy.

Norm had the California omelette and I had the eggs benedict. (No surprises there, we are both rather predictable in our tastes.)

It was a very hot day so when we got home I went for a swim and enjoyed lying under my brolly by the pool as I do not go in the sun to tan. It was rather heavenly there.

It is amazing how the pool cover manages to keep the pool full, with our winds in Cape Town you lose a lot of water to that as well as to evaporation. The cover also keeps the temperature perfect for swimming.

Or floating on your back like an otter.

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Ahhhh bliss….

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After a few hours of chilling by the pool Retha messaged and asked if I wanted to come and hang out at hers so she collected me and we sat by her pool instead. Eventually we got a bit peckish and as Retha had some stunning tomato plants we decided to try making fried green tomatoes.

We sliced them, patted with flour, dipped them in beaten egg and then rolled them in breadcrumbs and fried in coconut oil. For the dip I used chives and spring onions from Retha’s garden and chopped them finely and mixed them into a bit of full fat yogurt, a drop of honey and a bit of mustard. We drizzled it onto the fried tomatoes. It was all rather divine if I say so myself and it was made all the more special knowing that they were just on the vine 2 minutes before we ate them. I do not think I have had fried green tomatoes since I left Georgia over 30 years ago when my granny used to make them from her own home grown tomatoes.

That evening Norm and I decided to braai as it was still quite hot. We kept it simple and Norm did chicken breast kebabs and corn on the cob on the gas grill. I just made a salad and some cole slaw to accompany it.

We sat outside chatting and enjoying the cooler air until evening and then we decided to watch a bit of Stranger Things 2 which is now our new addiction as we finally have a Netflix account and finished series 1 of Fargo.

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Sorry I have posted in the past four days 😭

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Thursday we had a lazy day (not that our other days were full of exertion). We did not go out at all and I relaxed by the pool all day. That evening Norm again cooked dinner on his grill and we ate outside in the garden. Norm cooked kassler chops and the remaining 2 pieces of corn on the cob and I made sweet potato fondants to go with it. The chops satisfied my gammon craving which was unrequited at Christmas.

Caitlin had house guests and wanted to have a braai on Friday so that morning Norm and I dropped off our Weber grill which we had told her she could have for her new flat as we have a gas grill (or ‘braai’ as we call it in SA). After we executed our parental tasks we went to Martin’s Bakery for brunch. Norm and I had a laugh after we ordered as we both ordered the usual breakfast fare of the other! I had a ham and cheese omelette and he had the poached eggs on spinach.

After we came home I spent the rest of the day at the pool under my brolly again until time to get ready to go out. We had booked to see a local Hout Bay girl named Keren Lindley who now lives in London and was performing on Friday night at Cafe Roux in Noordhoek village. Most of the audience seemed to be friends of family (except for us :D).

We had never attended one of their music evenings and we did not know that they have a seating plan so we arrived early to get a decent seat which meant we had to sit a long time waiting for the show to start. We were seated by the door which meant we got a bit of air as it was such a warm evening.

We spotted these signs on the table which made us happy as it is so annoying to go to listen to a musician or band and have the audience chatter over them all evening.

We ordered dinner, I had the chicken and brie burger with chips.

Norm had the calamari. My burger was yum but Norm said the calamari was average but it was beautifully presented. It came with a tin cup full of chips on the side.

Keren started her performance just after 8:30 and she was fabulous, even if she only performed for an hour. The tickets were cheap cheap at R100 per head but I had expected her to do 2 sets.

I borrowed this pic from our friend Matt who was either closer than us, or has a better camera.

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Keren Lindley at Cafe Roux

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Afterwards we went and sat in the courtyard outside and finished our drinks and then headed back across Chapman’s Peak drive towards home. The lights of the villages twinkled in the distance and we were almost the only car on the rather treacherous road at that time of night.

I was up early today as Pixie was off to the doggy chiropractor in Noordhoek. We were home by mid-morning.

I am going to take advantage of my last weekend before I return to work on Monday. I am very grateful for 3 weeks of paid leave and the chance to completely relax however all good things must come to an end.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxo

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