Take it Slow on the Peace Train

Last weekend on Sunday afternoon we had a show day for our house which is on the market and after a morning of ferocious cleaning and tidying we were so exhausted we decided to find a quiet corner where we could grab a late lunch and relax with the dogs for a few hours while the agent was showing the house. It was a beautiful sunny day, but it was far too hot for my Scotsman to be out and about in the sun.

We arrived at Deli Delish and I asked if we were able to sit there outside in the shade with the dogs and the staff were so welcoming. It turns out the owner also has a Pomeranian so we had a lovely chat about the cheeky wee things.

Pixie spent the time glaring malevolently at pigeons and barking if they landed on the roof. Pixie hates pigeons.

I held Panda in my lap but Navajo was on high alert, watching carefully in case some marauding human decided to approach our table in order to steal a chip.

I thought the plan through and ordered something easy to manage with one hand. I had the calamari and chips.

Norm had a burger and fries and somehow managed to eat this with one hand while the other was busy trying to keep Navajo from chasing kids on bikes who were riding past en-route to the beach.

We finished lunch and we were so exhausted from a busy weekend and all that cleaning that we went home at 5, fed the dogs and crashed in front of the telly.

There were only a few people through for the show day and no offers were made. We will have to be a bit more patient but the right buyer should come along at some point.

I also had quite a busy week with my client. I’m trying to finalize requirements for our first work parcel but had a few stumbling blocks this week. Add to that there was a water leak on Main Road and they diverted traffic or had a stop/go in operation all week which made traffic a nightmare.  It added at least 20 minutes to my journey in each direction.

I had such a stressful day on Tuesday that Norm spoiled us with fillet steaks, fried mushrooms, stir fried spinach and roast butternut. It was so divine.

I cooked Mexican food on Wednesday night and kept it low carb. I made proper crispy corn shells for Josh but did provolone cheesy crisps for Norm and I. We had ours as a spicy mexican salad.

On Friday I left work early as we were off to see John Legend in concert at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World.

Norm was clever and had planned ahead and bought a roast chicken and salad so that we could have a quick meal at home before we left. That is always the challenge at GrandWest is getting pre-concert food. The venue is crowded on a normal weekend with gamblers and other day visitors, so if you add in the influx of concert goers it is a nightmare. It is always a hassle to even get a seat in a restaurant so you arrive at the concert with indigestion and high stress levels from rushing.

Instead, we arrived early, got parked and went to the piano bar in the casino area and settled in with a few drinks to get us in the mood.

me john.jpg

There was some annoying eejit who fancied himself as a good singer who started ‘performing’ with the pianist. He was dreadful and annoying and eventually stfu.

There is always one.

Eventually we queued for our armbands and went in to find our seats. We were on the 5th row from the stage and had such amazing views of the stage and performers!

As it was the Darkness and Light Tour John dressed in all black for the first set then changed to bright white for the second.

The concert was absolutely brilliant. John was probably the most professional entertainer I have seen. He arrived on time, he had a quick break to freshen up and he was back on stage quick. His production was slick and full of energy. I loved the clips of his beautiful and down to earth wife Chrissy and their daughter Luna.

Chrissy Luna

Image credit.

Mr. Legend gets a full on 5 Kitten Stars.

5 Stars

We were also seated in a prime spot for escaping the venue and getting out of the car park. The parking angels were smiling upon us. We were home by 11 and we had a drink and a snack and were asleep by midnight.

The next morning we had a lovely long lie in bed. Norm got up to feed the dogs at 8, made a coffee for us and brought them back to bed. The dogs and the coffees that is.

We put on sky news and each read on our iPads. It was rather heavenly.

The dogs love it when we hang out in bed as do the cats.

Eventually hunger drove us out of bed and Norm made us a low carb breakfast of streaky bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs, avocado & tomatoes.

We relaxed all day and then on Saturday evening we were invited for dinner at Retha’s. Her beau Barry was there as were her brother Louis and his wife Patty and the kids Robin and Naomi. They are such a lovely family and it was a great evening. The weather was still pretty warm and we sat outside for much of the night. Norm and Robin were making origami which was fun. Norm is so good with kids, I will be glad when we finally get some grandkids. 🙂

As one does at all good dinner parties, I both drank too much and ate too much. As a result I awoke at 6.30am feeling queasy. This was enough movement to wake the dogs and they insisted on Norm getting up and feeding them early.

However he came back with a coffee for us and we put the telly on and we lay in bed til late morning on Sunday. We were off that afternoon to yet another concert. This time to see Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens. The tour was called the Peace Train Tour.

It was being held in what must be one of the world’s most stunning concert venues, Kirstenbosch Gardens.

The gardens extend over many acres of land so parking can be a bit of a schlep. We had a plan to drop me at the gate with our bags and then Norm was going to park but there was no place to stop and so he just carried on with the flow of congestion and we ended up in the main car park. There were signs every where saying the parking was full, but the day visitors were pouring out of the car parks so we decided to risk it and once again our angels came up with a great plan and we got parking right outside the front entrance! We joined the queue into the venue and trudged up the hill with our cooler and blankets and picked a spot and got settled in.

me norm cat.jpg

I cannot imagine how many more concert tours Yusuf has under his belt, I felt so privileged to see him considering how long he went without performing at all. I have been a fan since I was a kid.

Just after Yusuf came on stage the clouds started to roll in over Table Mountain. It was a wee bit chilly as the sun started to set but we brought sweaters and a blanket to wrap up in.

We were quite far away but could just see Yusuf and the band from our seats. Eventually the sun dropped completely and it got very dark so the stage glowed brightly.

I give Yusuf a full 5 stars as well, he was brilliant. He told his life history in music and he obliged us with all of his old favorites and it was like an old time sing along. Great fun. 

5 Stars

After the concert finished we managed to skirt around the perimeter of the venue and get out quite quickly. We got our car out of the chaos and shot off home.

I was wide awake when we got in and so we only sloped off to bed after 12.30 last night, but what an amazing weekend we had.

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.

Kisses from the Kitten. xoxoxox

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