Priscilla and The Butcher

I’ve had a fabulous weekend despite the turmoil going on politically in both my country of residence as well as my country of birth.

One problem that is going on here in South Africa which touched us last week is the ongoing war between the metered taxis and Uber drivers. In South Africa a taxi must register and pay for a license in order to be able to work in a specific area. They are restricted to working within their licensed area. Understandably when an Uber driver cruises into their registered zone and picks up a client, sometimes charging half the fare, there is conflict

I didn’t take an Uber home last Thursday when I was out for drinks. I took another company, Airport Shuttle Cape Town even though we were nowhere near the airport. I’ve used Uber before and the quality of the car and driving skills of the driver were both rather scary. This driver arrived dressed professionally in a shirt and tie and was driving a shiny new Prius. He was friendly and a safe cautious driver. I will definitely use them again. 

Norm found Uber very easy to use while in Johannesburg however the drivers sometimes had him meet them around the corner to avoid conflict should there be metered taxis present at the pick up point. But he used both metered taxis and Uber and generally Uber was much cheaper.

Friday evening Norm and I were on our own as Caitlin had gone away for the weekend with Wes. We just had a relaxing evening in. Norm was tired from his trip and I was tired from my late night after our team social event. We just ordered Thai take away and enjoyed being together again.

Saturday Mzudumo came bright and early and could actually mow the grass after the rain on Friday as it had grown a few patches of bright green tufts. Just a few more days of prolonged rain and my garden may recover.

Dealing with the drought driven water management from our water saving efforts was a challenge with Norm away. There is a big pan in the shower and while I use as little water as possible to wash, at least what is not used is mostly caught by the bucket. It’s a decent system but when full it is heavy. So it is awkward to get a full bucket of water down the stairs and into the garden. Caitlin made a trip every evening, often getting sloshed with water in the process.

At least it has kept my bushes by the pool alive. 

On Saturday Norm nipped out to the shops to get us something to make for lunch, he bought lots of colourful salad fixings and I made a salad of lettuce topped with avocado, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, rosa tomatoes, purple spring onions and Camembert cheese. Norm also got a roast chicken from Woolies so the three of us shared that. I popped Mzudumo’s share of the chicken on top of the remainder of my fried rice from the previous night’s take away and added a bit of chutney to moisten it and with a pile of toasted buttered bread on the side our carb loving Mzudumo was fortified for the afternoon’s work.

Norm and I stayed low carb. We had salad and chicken.

We had a lazy relaxed day and watched the memorial service of Ahmed Kathrada. I wrote about the legacy that ‘Kathy’ has left behind in South Africa and his role in the end of apartheid. The speakers at the memorial called out the blatant blindness Zuma seems to have for the plight of his citizens and disregard for our Constitution. Zuma must step down.

A movement to remove him is gaining impetus. 

Saturday night we were booked to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Artscape Theatre.

We headed out just before six as we had to feed the dogs and get them settled, so we had limited time. We decided to try Mouille Point for something quick for a pre-Theatre dinner. We headed to Newport Deli but it was just closed for the day so we crossed our fingers and popped into The Butcher Shop & Grill. They looked pretty busy and we didn’t think we would get in, but we told them we were pressed for time and wouldn’t linger and they found us a cozy table upstairs. 

Our waiter Simba was over in a flash, we had a quick glance at the menus, settled on a fillet steak and sides and ordered our food. Simba was back in moments with our drinks and a tray of home baked, salty and yet slightly sweet, delicious fluffy bread, with lots of room temperature butter and a dish of beef sausage in a tomatoey sauce. Cold butter is my bête noire so I was so happy I could slather my bread in creamy butter without tearing it to bits.

We were very pleased that they offered so many options as sides. We both opted for sweet potato and were surprised to get a whole, baked in it’s skin sweet potato. It was delicious. We ordered creamy spinach to share and I had crispy fried onions as I’m an onion ring addict.

We both had mushroom sauce and it had a gorgeous rich flavour with big chunks of button mushrooms.  These were such tender, tasty steaks. Possibly one of the best I’ve eaten. It melted in your mouth. The food arrived quickly and it was all brought at the same time. I hate getting my steak and then waiting ages for my sides. This place has it all down to an art. Brilliant service, brilliant food and a beautiful setting. We can’t wait to go back, next time we will book in advance and ask for a table with a sea view. 

We give them a full on 5 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Simba got us in, fed and out in an hour so we thought we had plenty of time to get to the theatre but hadn’t factored in that it was the weekend of the Cape Town Jazz Festival at the CTICC. Traffic was rammed. We slowly inched our way across the foreshore, finally getting parked and inside just as the chimes were sounding. We were seated in the 2 seats at the end of the row by the aisle, third row from the front. At least we did not have to crawl awkwardly over the people who were already seated.

We settled in and I was worried we might have limited visibility but it turned out to be a different sort of hazard in store for me.

The production was an all South African cast.

I loved Phillip Schnetler‘s performance. He had the most amazing muscled, gorgeous legs! He jumped in HEELS from the ground to the bar counter in a light as air single effortless leap. He rocked those heels. He had a great voice as well. He could wriggle and twist like a snake. He was lots of fun to watch.

Veteran actor David Dennis played Bernadette. 

He was witty, glamorous and very talented. When I looked up the actor I was shocked that he is such a young virile man! He’s a brilliant drag queen.

The actors and dancers were all so fabulously camp we wondered if any were straight! If so they certainly grasped the swish and thrust of the female impersonators so well. 

The costumes were just draw dropping! There are over 220 costume changes per performance.

The set was so bright and fun, you couldn’t possibly see all of the details going on at once. Norm and I had a ‘did you see?’ exchange of note on the way home as we both saw things the other missed. 

At one point the dancers all started exiting the stage stairs next to me and I looked up to see a gorgeous barely dressed muscular young man holding out his hand. My southern girl good manners leapt to the fore and I took his hand, only to find myself being pulled up the stairs and onto the stage. I have always been a sucker for a hot guy in eyeliner. 

I was pulled into the center of the stage and quickly instructed in the sequence of dance moves they expected me to perform, all the while looking desperately towards Norm with wide deer-in-the-headlamps eyes, and squealing out of fear like a pig. I can not follow anyone when it comes to dancing. I cannot spin around as I have horrendous vertigo. I’m also potentially the most unfit woman on the planet and had just recently consumed a bit of cow which seemed about as big as my head. 

All in all a recipe for disaster. 

Factor in that I was wearing skinny jeans and my lack of arse means they fall down without a belt. Of course, I had forgotten my belt. 

I was whirled and spun, & this made me soooo dizzy, then I was forced into a giant circle of other random people holding hands and spinning round, apparently expected to fly around as if I was a vial in a centrifuge.

With horror I felt my trousers slowly inching their way down my hips until I had a dropped Bieber like crotch thing going on.

However I was still spinning as both hands were being gripped by the other victims so I felt a bit like this chick must have felt.

I broke my hands free and yanked up my jeans. But the pause made me lose my balance and I staggered off from the place I was supposed to be on the stage. I started to make a run for the perceived sanctuary of backstage. One of the actresses grabbed me and steered me back onstage and to the front to take a bow. I was frantically trying to get off that stage but she wasn’t having it. I took my bow and legged it towards freedom. 

How mortifying- I’m still not clear on how it even happened, but afterwards Norm and I laughed a lot about it all. 

We had an absolutely amazing night. 

Priscilla scores a well deserved 5 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I would see it again if it was on for longer. 

Today we have had a lazy day.  It’s sunny but not too hot. We are going to braai later.

Tomorrow I plan on joining others in wearing black in honour of #BlackMonday. As a sign of our discontentment with the blatant disregard that president Zuma has shown for our Constitution, all disapproving South Africans are to stand together behind the #BlackMonday movement. This coming Monday (3rd April 2017) we will all wear black in solidarity and use the tag to further the cause.

It will be interesting to see how the ANC chooses to handle the indignation of the voters, will they stand with Zuma or will they stand for what is right? 

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