Rainbows and Memories

The last few weeks have been incredibly hard. Last Saturday was Pierre’s funeral. The sermon was mostly in Afrikaans for the benefit of Retha’s parents and Pierre’s mom who had all driven down to Cape Town. Pierre’s godsons Roark and Tristan were both here as well, it was very special that they could support Retha and she could be there for them. There were other friends and family members there too, it was a small, intimate guest list.

After the ceremony we all moved off to Ke-monate restaurant at Signal Gun Winery. The view was stunning.

They had a private room for us and there was plenty of the winery’s own delicious wine on the go and they laid on a stunning buffet of kebabs, bread, cheese and various delicious canapés. 

It was all really lovely. The day was cold yet sunny and they had a big roaring fire. We spent a few hours there, then Alison drove me back to Hout Bay so that I could feed the doggies and let them out for a run round before dashing out again. I felt dreadful leaving them on their own so much but I had no choice, Retha had to be my priority. 

Retha and Tristan came in an uber to collect me and we went off for dinner. We had planned on going to the CBD for Japanese food at Haiku, but when the uber driver stalled his dodgy car several times we decided on the spur of the moment to stay local. 

We bandied about a few suggestions of places to go and somehow decided on The Lookout Deck down at the harbour as they were having a prawn special and I was ravenous.  

We sat down and I immediately remembered that The Lookout was where Retha and Pierre had their wedding reception. It was also the venue for one of the first times I had gone out for Retha’s birthday after I met them both. It is rife with memories. We have both had a lot of incidents where we feel Pierre guiding us. This was one of them I am sure.

We had a lovely evening chatting and thinking about Pierre. Most importantly it got Retha out of the house and into a more positive energy. 

The cremation was done the following Tuesday. Again, I had a thought about Retha that morning while I was at work and messaged her to say I was thinking of her and she replied to ask how I knew? As my message came in she was putting down the phone from the call from the staff at the crematorium. I’m sure Pierre nudged me that my soul sister needed me. 

The memorial service held for Pierre’s friends and clients was held yesterday at Riverside Estates in Hout Bay. It is such a stunning venue.

We started at 2pm and at 2.30 Norm called everyone in to sit. He said a few words about Pierre and he then asked Retha to say a few words, then the floor was opened for everyone to come up and speak. A client told a story about having spent a fortune trying to find a squeaky water pipe with no joy, only to have Pierre fix it when he rocked up after fixing her Mac with a new washer. Others talked about Pierre’s love of women in sexy high heels, another his love of food and skill at cooking. 

We had asked everyone to come prepared with a story about Pierre. After all, a Memorial should be about memories. What came through clearly was that Pierre was clever, talented, passionate, loved and admired. He touched so many lives. A young man was there who owes his career to skills that Pierre taught him.

Everyone mentioned his huge smile. There were lots of people there, it was special to see how many cared about Pierre. 

Pierre had friends there that he had known for many years. One friend drove down from Johannesburg just to attend.

 He had friends there whom we have met through Twitter and had a lot of fun with.

He had friends there who were part of his various sports and interests.

Local people from Hout Bay popped in and paid respects. Friends, family and colleagues.

Someone described it as a happy sad occasion. 

After the formalities we asked everyone to light one of the candles we had brought. It all coincidentally worked out it was all beautifully colour coordinated. 

Pierre even sent us another rainbow.

After 5pm the last people there went round to Retha’s for drinks, then after the guests all drifted off home, Norm and I, Roark, Retha, Louis, Patty, Robin and Naomi (Retha’s brother and his family) all went out for dinner. We spent an evening surrounded by the comfort of loved ones and made sure the day ended with positive, healthy energy.

Now we have to heal. The reality of daily life has to occur. Retha has been very open and raw with her grief, I am very proud of how strong she has been while being so fragile.

I’ll be her water wings if she needs them.

I know that I’ll never see a rainbow without thinking of Pierre and remembering his smile.

See you in our next life my friend.

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