My Missing Half

This week was my second week with Norm away. He spent a week in Switzerland on a consulting contract and the second in the UK on personal business. I missed him terribly. The girls were brilliant support and we had someone to walk Navajo every day. But I still missed my other half.

But we coped with no drama. We kept it quiet about Norm being away for security reasons.

Sunday evening Lily and I cooked roast chicken breasts for dinner.

To go with it we made a purée from gem squash and marscapone. We fried red cabbage in balsamic vinegar and butter. For a sauce we fried mushrooms in garlic butter, used a bit of almond flour to make a roux then added a container of cream. My mom thought my pic looked like toes in gravy. 🙈

On Monday after work I decided to make Pork burgers for dinner. I cooked an onion and a red pepper, puréed it and added to 2 eggs, a few tablespoons of almond flour and the minced pork. I mixed well then made into balls and then pushed in a block of emmenthal cheese into the centre. 
I fried the burgers in butter til browned and topped with crispy bacon, avocado and a creamy mushroom sauce. I served with crispy grilled zucchini and roasted sweet potato wedges. I didn’t miss the bread at all.

On Tuesday I had a meeting at my employers offices in Century City. That’s an extra 10-15 minutes minimum with hectic motorways. I hate driving on motorways. I left early to avoid the traffic and was there by 7.30. We had a dress rehearsal for our client demo which we held later that afternoon in Belville. The client was very happy and we have a second workshop planned for next week. 

I was home by 6 and wanted something easy so I made fillet steaks, one of our faves. I made broccoli, red cabbage and roast pumpkin to go with. 


Lily and I both fell asleep on the couch and just before 11 I got a call from JJ the head of the CCP to warn me of criminal activity nearby as he knew Norm was away. We had everything locked up but the dogs were going mad. Navajo refused to come inside. We could hear the radios of the patrollers in the bushes nearby. It is scary!

We eventually calmed down and went to sleep. But I was a zombie the next day. Anxiety is exhausting.

Wednesday I was back to my usual office at the foreshore. We had a long presentation from Johannesburg with no video, only audio. That was interesting, I felt like Road Runner was going to appear any minute. Sometimes you just have to picture that pay cheque and tolerate the nonsense. It’s better than holding a tin can at the traffic light.

That night I created a mix of all the bits and pieces left in the fridge. I made giant mushrooms which I stuffed with red pepper, onion and chorizo, I boiled gem squash and scraped them out to purée then mixed in bacon and marscapone, then re stuffed back into the squash. I topped them with grilled asparagus and lastly I made stir fried spinach to accompany it. It was so tasty and garlicky.

This week was the last for Voter registration in SA. Almost 80% of 26.2 million South Africans registered to vote in the upcoming 2016 Municipal Elections are under the age of 30, according to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

So many in South Africa are calling for Zuma to be impeached. The council of Churches have been voting about whether to support Zuma or to also call for impeachment. We all know that Archbishop Desmond Tutu is not a Zuma supporter.

There are so many of the ANC supporters who are going to jump parties. I’m not sure whether I fear the ANC or the EFF party more. I can only hope the DA is to be the party who benefits from the majority of the many voters fed up with the ANC nonsense

On Thursday I was back at my employer home office for a bit of mentorship training on Data Quality and assessments which is my area of speciality. There is another project kicking off which I will possibly be involved in as well from a mentorship point of view. It’s all rather hectic! I came home to work in the afternoon.  I love my view.


That evening I cooked the last of the veg from my last shop and defrosted scallops to cook with them. We had brussels sprouts so I cooked those with bacon, chicken stock and a bit of chili and I made sweet potato mash. Sounds bizarre but it was yummy.

Friday I was back at the main office and heard we are also having a workshop for that project on Monday. I’m so glad Norm will be there to support me next week.

Friday evening it was hot, we had such a warm sunny week. For dinner Lily and I made prawns and chorizo in a creamy tomato sauce with zucchini noodles. It was as yummy as always but it is such a quick dinner it is perfect for after work. 

We woke to a gorgeous day on Saturday. This is my fave time of year, hot days and cool nights. My grass is coming back after the recent rains.



Lily and I left the house at 8.30am as Pixie was booked in to see David Black the doggy Chiro in Noordhoek. 

The drive there is so stunning.

When we got back I whipped up an Omelette with peppers, onion, chorizo, cheese, tomatoes and coriander.


I tidied the kitchen and waited for Norm’s flight to arrive. The girls headed off to The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay. It’s been there forever, I remember dancing there to live bands back in 1991 when I first came to SA. It’s a tradition in Cape Town. It’s funny to think we took Lily there as a baby and 25 years later she’s old enough to drink there.

While waiting for Norm I smartened up a bit. I bought a new lippy this week. 

It is much darker than I expected. I had a colour I loved which I have worn for years but they discontinued the colour.

I drove all over the southern suburbs and bought as many as I could find when they discontinued it. The one above is my last. My heart breaks. The perfect pinky burgundy colour. Perfect for day.

Norm arrived at 4pm and the dogs were ecstatic. 

So was I to be fair.

Norm had slept on the plane so he walked the dogs, showered then took me out for dinner for a catch up date night.

We decided to try the new restaurant Grill Under The Milkwood which has opened where Pescarne was located. They rebranded.

We had our fave wine Professor Black from the Warwick Estate.

It was delish! 

To start I had the garlic scallops and prawns.

It had a rich delicious flavour. The scallops were not cleaned which was a bit odd. But I cut away the yucky bits and it was fine. I really enjoyed this.

Norm had grilled calamari to start and seemed to enjoy it.

For our mains we both had the Fillet Tornado with vegetables.

The veg was the traditional South African fare of butternut and spinach but they were nicely seasoned and tasty. Norm and I both asked for medium rare but mine was very rare. Like blue.

I sent it back but when it came it was barely cooked more. I just ate round the edges. But it’s all new so will give them another chance. Norm’s was cooked perfectly. 

Today we are off shopping for groceries and odds and ends and we are going to have brunch somewhere along our journey.

I’m glad to have my sidekick home. 

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