Resolutions and Transformations

I’ve been back at work for a week now and in a routine of sorts. One resolution  for this year was to try and get more sleep, so I moved my alarm to 7 rather than 6 now that the roadworks have been completed. I had gotten so relaxed over the holiday break and didn’t want to return to the stressful state prior to the holidays, but a lot of that was sheer exhaustion.

I’ve had ongoing stress from trying to get my credit card delivered from FNB. This certainly didn’t help with achieving my holiday serenity and it continued once I was back at work. Their delivery company has been phoning 2-3 times a day, sometimes hanging up after 1 ring, sometimes connecting only for me to request the card be returned to the bank. My wishes were ignored and the calls continued on and on. Such incompetence on behalf of both parties. I still have no credit card. Mine expired on the 1st.

No January spending for me. 

In my last blog I mentioned I had started a Banting eating plan, a high fat, low carb (HFLC) way of eating. This means very limited carbs, no sugar, no preservatives, no MSG, and no fast food or processed foods. I really resisted this, most of South Africa seems to be obsessed with it, but I was so disgusted when only 1 of my dresses looked presentable on me on NYE and with my family history of heart disease I knew I needed to sort myself out. My Dad died at 49 of a stroke, having suffered his first heart attack in his 30s. He never met my children. I want to be around for my grandchildren.

I’ve been trying to stick to it since the 1st of Jan and I must be doing well as I have lost about 5.5kgs already. That is just over 12 pounds to my American readers. And I’ve not been hungry once. If anything I’m eating so much better. I’ve never been fond of veggies except for the ones I now know are full of either carbs or sugar (carrots, peas, corn for example). Basically everything I normally eat is not allowed, or allowed in moderation. Except cheese and bacon, I’m eating tons of that! 

We have been completely misled by the medical community. For example we are taught that seed or vegetable oils are good but butter is bad. Fat on the outside is no fun, but putting it inside you seems to fuel our body in some way I can’t explain. Prof Tim Noakes has revolutionized the way so many people eat.

It’s certainly revolutionized mine. Even my hair has changed back to the silky texture of many years ago. 

The food we have been eating is tasty and nutritious.  Veggies are steamed, or cooked in butter or coconut oil. I would post more pics except I got a new phone and my old one was so full the pics didn’t back up to iCloud. Meh. 

We sometimes make mistakes in our choices as we don’t have the book when shopping. 


While fatty meat is encouraged, sausages are not as they contain fillers, preservatives and other unhealthy things. Only naturally cured salami or chorizo is allowed. But I don’t dwell over a single bad choice, I rationalise it by the knowledge that the other items on the plate are encouraged. Now you may think that’s mash and gravy, but it is mashed cauliflower! If you hate cauliflower you may struggle with this way of eating. But to me it loses the cauliflower taste when mashed. Add butter and a dollop of cream and it’s yummy! The sauce was simply mushrooms fried in butter, then I dumped in a container of double cream and a little cheese to thicken it. We steamed our green beans and had them al dente.  

We have certainly not been forced to cook every night as I initially feared, we had a Noaksy burger from our fave burger spot, Ragafellows. It’s one of their normal fat deliciously moist burgers on top of a crispy chickpea fritter instead of the traditional bun, bacon jam, roast butternut & parmesan. 

We even had a takeaway carb free pizza from Casarecchio. It’s made on a cauliflower base. It isn’t quite as crispy as his normal pizzas but I really enjoyed it.

 I thought this little clip quite appropriate I hope you enjoy it too.

It’s been incredibly hot and we have had a lot of crazy wind so naturally we have had even more fires. January is often our hottest month. Once it cools a bit I will get on my bike, but it’s too hot to function much less sweat.

I will try to not be obsessed with my diet and weight loss. But I had to share my enthusiasm at least a little.

Caitlin has been in George with her Dad and returns tonight. Lily has a friend coming round after work. 

I’ve made a Banting ‘lasagna’ using zucchini in place of noodles. The sauce is divine and I hope the zucchini works as a pseudo-noodle. 

I’ll update you and let you know! 

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