Takin Care of Business 

In the hang-overglow /aftermath of my party I neglected to tell you about our Hout Bay Gin Bunnies meet up! How rude. Really. I think spending the day curled up in the fetal position sucking ones thumb can do that.  Sunday was a write off. 

But it was so worth the pain. I had a blast. These days it takes about 3 days to fully recover from a session like that. We Cherokee cannot handle the firewater. My liver just can’t process it properly. Last night I only had 3 ciders over the course of an entire evening and today I woke up shaky and with my eyes sealed shut.


Anyway, I digress, back to the Gin Bunnies. It was held at Workspace in Hout Bay as our illustrious leader QueenBunny Jane-Anne always tries to highlight Hout Bay businesses, groups in need and charities. She puts in so much effort for very little thanks other than the peace of mind that she helps build that web of connectivity between like minded souls. And she does it with style and grace. I didn’t get pics of the food laid out for us but it was simple and delicious and looked like a stylist had delicately arranged it all. I was too busy tucking into it!


We had a good turnout.


 The guy in charge and the creator behind the concept is Craig Dunlop. You could hear the passion behind his words as he described his vision and the journey behind his attempts to achieve that dream, he is walking the walk as well as talking the talk. An inspiration to us all, believe it, live it. The doors will eventually open if enough energy is created.


The webpage for Workspace bills themselves as  “a playground for creativity” and I completely agree! It’s like an artist or artisans dream environment. It made me want to make something and I haven’t a creative bone in my body! 

Maybe I’ve just watched Ghost more times than I should.

The Worspace website explains the concept:  “Workspace is a shared DIY workshop incorporating design, manufacture, education and training. Join for an hour, day, week, month or year and enjoy the shared workshop facilities and services we have on offer. 500 square meters of workshop divided up into fully equipped zones including – automotive repair bay, woodworking shop, Engineering shop, Concept development area, Craft and hobby, Pottery and glass zone, Computer with design software and 3D Printer, CNC Routing machine, Lounge and Gallery area with free coffee and WIFI.

 Membership includes regular “HOWTO “workshops, Courses, Networking functions, Guest speakers, great coffee, free WiFi and a cool place to hang out and be a part of the existing Hout Bay Harbour Market and workshop precinct Harvest Centre. 

 We have a full range of DIY Project kits and ideas on offer. All you do is order the kit and we compile all the bits and pieces you will need to build it. If you need a hand, one of our experts is there to help assist, otherwise you’re free to work on your own.

 Design, create, build or repair.

Workspace is part workshop, part gallery, part meeting place, part prototyping studio and part learning centre. We offer comprehensive instruction and expert staff to ensure you have a safe and rewarding experience within a collaborative, stimulating and creative environment.”

As a result we saw all manner of stunning paintings, also an amazing huge fish made out of an entire tree trunk which I’d love by my pool!

I believe it beautifully represents one of these, a celocanth:


There were various pieces of art and sculpture, I adore this artists work.


 And I would happily hang many of the art pieces in my home.


The Workspace has just joined up with the British Council as well. They are also  part of the t.e.n. project which is receiving funding from the Hout Bay Partnership.


I admire how they are engaging the local artisans and encouraging the development or even sometimes revealing hidden talents. 

I love the energy down in this area. There are various other creative spaces. This artist, R. Robin Kutinyu has given birth to the most amazing dragon- I have watched it grow as every time I’m at the markets I pop in to visit him.

Isn’t he stunning?

So I’ve told you about Pixie going to the doggy Chiro for her back. She had seemed so much better but as we can’t ask her, we couldn’t be positive. This week we had proof, I arrived home and opened the outside gate at the same time Norm came out to walk them and Pixie leapt out and legged it down the hill, hair flying in the wind, giant smile on her face. 

A bit like this.

She used to do that every chance she had but she stopped and we thought she was just well trained and over her rebellious habits. Turns out she was just too sore. That makes me sad she was in pain and we could have fixed it. If only they could talk.  But she’s getting help now.

Pomeranians are such funny dogs. Panda loves coffee and barks til I give him a sip, this morning he drank much of my cup when I went in the other room. He needs rehab. It is so bad for him. 

I had such a busy day yesterday. We had a book club breakfast at Green Vine Eatery at Silvermist for Camilla’s 50th birthday. She looks pretty fab for 50! Louise nicked a table decoration to make her a birthday headress.

We had a gorgeous meal. Dawn and Catherine had the Silvermist Health Breakfast for R65, described as: A Delicious Fruit & Yoghurt Terrine Platter with
Berry Compote & Homemade Granola.

Several of the girls had the Breakfast wrap at R60, filled with Bacon, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Scrambled Eggs.

And Louise had the Silvermist Omelette at R65 made from Three Eggs, Fluffed up & Folded with a Cheese, Tomato & Mushroom Filling.

As always I had Eggs Benedict which on their menu was called a Potato Rosti at R70. A Crisp potato Rosti served with Bacon & Two Poached Eggs, dressed with Hollandaise Sauce. It was divine. The Hollandaise could have been a drop more lemony. Other than that I loved it. I wish more people served with the Rosti instead of bread.  

Afterwards they brought a slice of cake with berries for Camilla. 

Note the card lower right that cracked us up. And everyone thought the plate said ‘Harry Biethday” but never mind. 

We had a lovely morning. It’s a stunning venue.

Camilla has just moved house so afterwards a few of us toddled off to have a squizz. We chatted a bit more after our tour and then I had to go into the CBD to Mop Hair to get my hair colored. Leandra even curled it for me as I had a dinner fundraiser that night. I snapped a pic before I left. We also went a shade lighter for summer.

The dinner was held at La Cuccina in Hout Bay which is a lovely open airy venue with healthy locally sourced food.

The evening was a fundraiser charity auction for Community Crime Prevention.

Initially we were sitting on our own so we acted silly.  

Then we ended up joining our table to another and I got to chat to our lovely police captain and his daughter Annalisa who is going to be a heartbreaker! Funny how a persons life changes, there have been many times when I was this close to a cop and it was a bad thing. Once Norm came to collect me in the UK after a girls night out and when he rang to say he was there I had to admit I was in the back of a police car. 

I guess I have sort of grown up. (The ‘sort of’ is the allowance for the aforementioned cider overload.)

The food was delicious and they raised lots of money for the group. 

It was a great night. 

Today I’m being lazy. I’m going to make a veggie curry later for dinner. But for now it’s trash tv time. I had a little sit by the pool, yesterday Mzudumo put mulch down around the plants and it looks lovely.

 Enjoy your Sunday all. 

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