What’s Your Fancy?

Our family have an annual tradition of throwing a big Halloween party. We choose a theme and people can choose to stay within the theme, or even whether to dress up or not. We love dressing up and always make an effort. 

Some years more than others. The theme the year we wore this Kiss getup was “Rock Or Horror”. Anything Rock or Rocky Horror related.


This year the theme was “Come As Your Favorite Character” and I chose Miss Piggy. I’ve always loved her. I managed to find a pink headband with cat ears I could pass off as a pig, a plastic pig nose, a feather boa, long pink eyelashes, satin opera gloves and a faux fur wrap. I snapped a selfie before we headed out.

This year instead of hosting at home we booked Spiro’s in Hout Bay. Usually we have to spend thousands on security and a DJ alone, not to mention the cost and effort of sorting out all the booze and catering, it’s such a pleasure to just show up and have the wonderful staff at Spiro’s look after it all. We ordered 8 platters of food and put them on all the tables for sharing and there was a cash bar. The music was always great, some retro, some current, but they gauged the crowd well and kept people dancing, and music is the key. We always have a DJ and some years they are brilliant like the year we had 2 19 year old baristas who played an awesome show but got trashed on tequila and barfed over the pool fence.


Then they didn’t have a car and we had to deal with them the next morning banging round the house when all I wanted was to curl up in bed.

But they made it a great party.

Or the lad we found on Facebook who fancied himself the EDM Master of Hout Bay or something. He sniffed with disdain at my pre-defined song list and said it was too commercial. Umm, pardon? I’m the customer so if I want to hear Mary Had A Little Lamb on repeat loop then he should bloody well play exactly that.

He ruined my party that year.

This year I had nothing to do with it, we just had Spiro’s staff DJ whomever that was! But he was brilliant and as the crowd was all ages he played retro and current music and had the place pumping. 

I snapped a pic with my bestie Retha when we arrived.

Caitlin went as the artist Frida Kahlo and looked stunning even with a unibrow.

Lily went as Princess Leia in slave girl mode. She looked amazing. This is her with some of her friends.

We had half a Seargent Pepper band.


And some cool makeup artwork!

 I loved these outfits.


We somehow ended up with 2 Bravehearts!  I am the haggis in the middle of this sandwich.

I spent the evening squinting through those eyelashes.

We had a pirate, Medusa, Poison Ivy, and a lovely looking young gladiator spent the evening fobbing off the advances of hoards of older women. 

Absolutely Fabulous lived up to their name and stayed in character all night! They made the party they were hilarious!

There was a yeti and an astronaut. 

We really had such fun. Maybe too much ummmm fun. Or vodka, too much vodka.

The before and after says it all really.

Sometimes you just gotta let the wheels fall off.

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