I Believe I Can Fly

Obviously I can’t fly but that is the song that pops into my head when I hear the words ‘I Believe’. I’m one of those people who have a song track to their life. I launch randomly into song constantly. And annoyingly I’m sure. 


This week someone started quoting verses of the bible to me and I told them that I am not Christian but feel everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t believe that our destiny is in ‘His Hands’. She then asked me what do I believe in? I realised that what I believe in cannot be simply labelled. I can’t answer with a single word response. I don’t belong to any organized religion.

I believe in the power of collective consciousness. What many call prayer. I pray to the Universe, to the Angels (particularly when I need to find non-parallel parking) and I pray to my Ancestors. I believe that if an entire group of people all pray for the same outcome that can create a positive beneficial energy which can shift the outcomes of things.

In that vein….I believe in magic. I believe we can create circles of protection around us if we concentrate on doing so. I believe we can create both positive and negative paths with others. We choose the energy we put out and this in turn becomes a mirror to reflect that same energy back at us. How many days have you had where everyone you encounter is an arse? Well, we are the only common denominator in all of those interactions.
Think about what you reflect. 

Try it and one day don’t smile at anyone you meet. See how your day goes. The next day, all day, look people in the eye, smile at them properly (including your eyes, no dead fish eyes and shiny teeth). See how your day goes. 

I believe in Mother Nature and that we can tap into this energy if we know how. I wish I knew more, I think we are such untapped resources, we apply so little of our full potential. 

I believe in Karma. I believe that we reap what we sow. And if we deliberately try to focus bad juju on someone then you will get treble back. 

I believe that the Universe will look after us. It’s hard to trust but it’s true. We always have what we need to survive. I just bought a new car and my car payment was taking up all of my end of month left over money. I just got a pay raise this week and the amount is exactly my car payment amount. It all balances out. 

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