mucho caliente 

I discovered a new addiction. I tried a new pizza from Massimo’s, but as I am usually a bit picky about sausage I only ventured to try half. I had a half Pancetta and half Hot Latina. But I wish I had been brave enough to go full Caliente as it was divine! It’s the one on the right below.
The pancetta pizza is simply tomato, mozzarella and pan fried mushrooms and pancetta and is really good, but the Hot Latina is Massimo’s delicious tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, smoked Portugese salame, red onions & fresh chili. If I had the Latina only it would go for R120. Not sure of the half and half cost but I like that option as it’s hard to pick just one sometimes. 

Sunday I made a giant pot of vegetarian curry which served us as a family meal, a few lunches for the girls and then the rest went to Cordelia and her daughter. It was yummy. I made basmati rice and poppadoms to go along with it, I used up all the veg in the house so it was a bit of a strange mix of sweet potato, broccoli, butternut, carrots and regular potato. But it worked! 

I worked such long hours this week and got home so late, we ended up having take aways all week. Even had I wanted to cook it would have been impossible as we also had loadshedding several evenings. You can’t eat every dish in the half light. Pizza is uncomplicated. 

We had a ton of rain this week. I was prepared for some of it, if it is damp in the morning I know to take a rain coat, but Wednesday there was no prior warning, it just bucketted down on my way to the car after work. I walk about 2-3 blocks so by the time I finally arrived at the hotel where I rent parking I was sodden and the rain was running down my scalp and my cardigan was soaked through. 

I was not a happy kitty. 

Friday I really fancied a steak so asked Lily to pop by Woolworths to get some nice fillets and bits to go with. I can’t remember the last time I cooked on a Friday. But I fancied a home cooked meal with our week of take outs, it was delicious if I say so myself.

The steaks were just right, nice and pink in the centre. We had steamed baby broccoli spears, baked potatoes with sour cream and porcini mushrooms cooked in pepper, huge chunks of garlic and butter. I marinated the steaks in teriyaki, garlic, worcestshire and a dash of dark soy.

Today we had a little networking meeting with Bronwyn from Community Cohesion to see what synergies there might be with Norman’s contacts and projects. I think it was a good session I would hope some positive energy flows from it. 

Afterwards we were starving so we went to my fave breakfast spot The Riverway Cafe even though it was lunch time as I hadn’t had anything except coffee. Norm had the spicy Thai sweet potato soup.


I am a creature of habit and had the Retro Roll. that is a huge pile of fluffy scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, sweet, sticky caramelised onions and HP sauce. It is R45. We shared some chips which as always were so beautifully presented. 

Even the tomato sauce has an adorable dragonfly spoon.

 After we ate we had a run round Clicks for bits and pieces and went looking for a new pair of jeans for Norm. We got a nice gray pair as well as a cool grey Aztec print flannel shirt. 

We again had 2 hours of load shedding and then Norm went to get a curry for us at The Indian Oven as the girls were out. He left at 7 and it is now almost 9. I’m so hungry I may eat one of the dogs. 

I can’t believe a take away could take so long. It better be awesome. 😳

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