Keeping Watch

Tonight is date night. I’m not sure where we are going yet but we have plenty of options in Hout Bay.

It’s been a bit overcast and chilly today. The weather has suddenly shifted in Cape Town, one week it is so hot we are still sitting by the pool and wearing flip flops and then the next so chilly we were in boots and sweaters.

We only have 2 routes into the CBD from Hout Bay so I was really dreading the road works starting this week as it closed one of them. Camps Bay Drive is a busy road which has not been renovated in about 30 years and due to the new tourist bus route coming from Table Mountain to Hout Bay and Camps Bay as well as the new MyCity bus system, this road gets far more traffic than it was designed to support. It’s a rather gorgeous view to travel to work though isn’t it? 


Funny enough the traffic has been better! The usual stream of drivers who take this direct route have now been trickle fed via many other well marked diversion signage routes. 

Lily took Amber the birthday gifts I got for her and she liked them! I gave her the turquoise owl pot, the cupcake and the tray with pinup and cat.



Tuesday after work I went to David King the Body Reactivation  practitioner I’ve been seeing. He has done great things for me both physically and energetically. He’s helped my posture and back pain as well as my digestive issues. Energy wise he works like kinesiology does. I find him very effective. 

We had load shedding when I arrived home Tuesday so I lit candles and played games on my iPad. Norm went to get a pizza for us as you can manage to eat that even in the dark. At least when there is no electricity I have an amazing excuse for not cooking. Not that I ever cook, but at least I have an excuse without electricity. 

Wednesday lunch we went to Me ‘n u pub restaurant by our office. Vera had the roast vegetable salad.


I had a steak and mustard sauce wrap with chips. The steak was tender it was sliced thinly and in bite size pieces.


It was good. Certainly a new option for when friends meet me for lunch.  

Wednesday night Norm and I drove up into Imizamo Yethu to drop Cordelia. It is now getting dark so early. Cordelia arrives late and moves at a leisurely pace as she can’t leave unless someone is home from work to let her out. 

I am always apprehensive to drive up into the rabbit warren of streets that is IY. 


We headed to La Cuccina for the Hout Bay Neighborhood Watch awards dinner. We saw some friends and had yummy finger foods. I had a few vodkas but poor Norm was driving. It was a good night and we enjoyed ourselves. Norm was even nominated for an award! His friend JJ deservedly won it. He devotes so much time to HBNW. 


Thursday we again had load shedding from 6pm-830pm. Norm collected grilled fish from Spiro’s so at least that was covered! It was quite lovely in the candlelight don’t you think?


Friday night Caitlin had some friends round for board games. They made a lot of noise but I love hearing laughter so it’s all good. They played board games out on the back patio and Norm and I just chilled out inside. We had delicious black bean noodles and light, crispy fried wontons from Thai cafe

I’m now off for a shower, it’s a 3 day weekend and I’ve been so lazy! I’ll make sure and take pics of whatever we get up to and update you tomorrow. Have a great weekend! 

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