Today i had a moment of such deep gratitude. When it is our life we just accept it but today I had a moment where I just felt so blessed. I was sitting by the pool while the animals all chased each other and Norm repotted some plants. I just felt like I could not think of anything I need in life. I may not be rich but I certainly have all that I could need or want. 

We loved having Lily here all week as she was down for a job interview. We sent Norm out hunting for fish and chips on Monday and he ended up bringing home grilled kingklip and chips, oh wow it was amazing! I did not snap a pic but trust me if you fancy fish, Spiro is the man to fulfill that need! 

We cooked a bit this week and we really enjoyed eating organic fresh food. I’m getting quick at making these delicious eggplant / Aubergine babies. 


This plate doesn’t allow you any reason to miss meat, we did breaded aubergines and we mixed Parmesan in with the breadcrumbs, we did sweet potato mash, spinach, and fried green peppers and shallots. We added a bit of roast onion marmalade and it all meshed gorgeously. 

We woke on Thirsday to load shedding, this is where the electricity company turns off areas of the grid. That meant I went to work with wet hair. And dressed in the dark. Lovely.

Thursday night my manicurist did a home visit. It is such a pleasure having Vanessa come to my house. We had mexican food after my pedicure,  with mushroom burritos for Cait and mince tacos and burritos for the rest of us, it was really yummy. Norm did his usual and put his mince in a burger bun. Odd man. 

Friday was Lily’s graduation from CPUT with her receiving her honour degree in Event Management. We arrived and ran round sorting out tickets, gowns, seating and photos so had no time for lunch. I saved a seat for her Dad so we could watch her together. She looked so gorgeous as always.


We only finished after 5pm and then we had to drop me to collect my car at work and she had to drop her Dad to meet his wife. 

But we had a wee moment of celebration for Lily.



We went home and Lily rang the recruiter about her job she had interviewed for and they made her a good offer so she finally has a definite job and start date. And to happen on the same day as she graduates was very cool. 

Lily and I got into comfy clothes and with Norm we all went off to Papino’s as Lily fancied a steak. We sat down and the waItress said that load shedding was scheduled in 30 minutes! We had thought it was due at 10 not 8! We ordered our steaks and a drink and settled in. 

Our drinks arrived and we poured in the mixer and took a sip and gagged. Instead of vodka, passion fruit and lemonade we had been given vodka, soda and lime, yech! Too acidic and bitter so we sent them back. We had replacement drinks quickly so no damage done. 

Lily ordered a plain fillet steak at R150 with extra pepper sauce at about R15, and Norm and I had the Hollandse Biefstuk. This is a Pan-fried beef fillet with mushrooms flambéed with brandy and it was R165. They both come with veggies and we all ordered chips. 


They managed to get us all fed and we only had about 15 minutes of relying solely on candle light. It was quite nice in the dark! 

We headed home just after 9 and we couldn’t remember if we had latched the door and therefore would be unable to get in with no electricity as the garage was electric. We decided if we couldn’t get in we would go to the pub. 

When we went outside we were told that a Mercedes had backed into our car, the driver got out and looked at the front of my car then drove off! How slimey, to know you do wrong and to run. 

It put a dampener on what had been a fabulous day. 

Yesterday Lily drove back to George and Cait was off with her Dad. Norm and I had a lazy day then decided to pop out for dinner. We managed to get parking and a table at Ragafellows. We ordered a drink and a burger it was the usual standard of fabulousness. We had an early night and came home to watch a film. I was asleep in 10 minutes as usual. Oops. 

Today we wanted to replace the big pot plant which had gotten broken recently by the kids so we went to Earthworx Garden Centre and had a wander round. 


We finally chose a big creamy pot and a few petunias as well as a vine. I adore vines. We had a bit of lunch and a cappuccino. Not the best poached eggs as the bacon was a bit half cooked and the egg yolks were overcooked. But it was edible.



We placed the new pot with the replanted old plant next to the pool. It’s the big spiky one in the corner.


We put the vine by the patio at back and we hope it climbs up the rail or the drain. 


Pixie helped of course.



We have had a busy week but it has been lots of fun. I hope you had a good one? 

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