Ducks and Launches

Last weekend was a 3 day weekend, Monday was Youth Day in SA a day to remember the Soweto Uprising and the lives lost that day.

We have had so little time together that Norm and I decided to hibernate. The weather was cold and wet so it was conducive to snuggling up and being cosy. I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning and so Norm did a shop and we were then both home by the afternoon. Luckily he had bought a heater or it would have been rather miserable as it was freezing cold.

I cooked a big pot of chili con carne on Saturday and it was divine. Truly the best I’ve ever made, but as i never use recipes I will probably never recreate it again. We just had a day of chilling out, chatting, Movies and playing on our iPads. It was heavenly to have him home and to relax together.

Sunday was Fathers Day so I made a nice home cooked meal for Norm of cottage pie, peas and roast veggies. It was yummy. We had spent the day in continuation of the previous to be honest. Sometimes you just need a pajama weekend. Work is intense as I have a lot of deliverables due and Norms job has also been crazy busy.

On Tuesday I hosted bookclub but I had forgotten to buy books and I hadn’t wanted to spend my holiday cooking so decided on some ready cooked roast chickens and veg so I baked some potatoes and roasted some butternut. I was very grateful to Norm for doing the shopping for me as I only arrived home an hour before my guests arrived. It was Mel’s birthday present night so he also bought a gorgeous chocolate cake from a little bakery in Hout Bay called Brot Bakery it was rich and very pretty.

The week went incredibly slow considering it was a 4 day week. I had totally forgotten I had promised to join my friend Retha at the launch of our friend Abigail K’s new studio she has just opened with a group if other artists of various mediums from photography to clothes design. They have a fab joint communal space and it has such a good energy. Abigail does amazing glamorous shots of women and each artist gave away a gift of their time, I was hoping I won the time with Abigail but alas I didn’t enter as I couldn’t think of a good reason to put on the entry form!

This was us girls making duck faces and being silly. silly girls

The wine was sponsored by Cape Point Vineyards and was divine! I really enjoyed their Sauvignon Blanc. It was crisp and rich and delicious. They had both the every day version and a reserve and I tried both. It would be rude not to of course. Ha. But the reserve tasted as if it was aged in oak barrels and I really can’t bear that taste. It is why I can’t bear Chardonnay. But the ‘normal’ Sauvignon was really great. I’ll trundle over Chappies for more.

This morning the sun was out and it was stunning after a week of miserable weather so up we got and set out to our neighbour’s garage sale. We got a soap dish for R5 and a chair for my front porch for 50 (about $6 USD for both). >


We then headed out for brunch and shopping. We got a lush bathrobe for Lily and picked up a nice silverside roast which is busy cooking right now.

We went to Caffeine at Mainstream mall for my fave, eggs Benedict. Norm had said they made nice ones there as I usually go to Gabriella’s where they do a stunning one, but the smokers puffing away puts us off.

I spotted it came with spinach which is not my fave for breakfast but as it wasn’t early decided it was fine.

We were served and I thought the sauce looked a bit thin, then realized it was pure melted butter.

Not only was it completely without the hollandaise but the eggs were cooked hard, like a boiled egg. Not moist and oozy like they should be. In all a very disappointing meal.

Never mind, I just won’t go back!

Tonight we are relaxing at home, Lily is away and Cait is out so we are dining as a family then we have a romantic night in. Even after almost 20 years, you have to make time to work on your marriage. Not that it’s work….umm… Ok I’ll stop there before I make it worse. I do love my hubby, I am the luckiest woman in the world!

Tomorrow we go to Polana with a friend who is over from Ireland. He is a laugh and it may potentially get messy as they make divine cocktails. Enjoy your weekend everyone I know I will.>

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