Pop Goes The Kitten

When I meet new people they often ask me do I not miss the US. I don’t miss anything except the people, but one thing I do wish we had the equivalent of in SA is shopping. The UK and the US have such great sales and a better quality of merchandise generally.

I miss being able to shop 24 hrs a day and the concept of customer service, also quite often lacking here.

One thing I do miss is access to current music or even a quality radio station playing my taste in not so current music. I like a lot of pop music, it’s my dirty little secret. It’s called ‘pop’ because it is what is ‘popular’, mainstream, the common middle ground, music for everyone.

The main channel I used to listen to in SA has had a major staff and show reshuffle. And in my opinion it has been very unsuccessful. They got rid of their popular morning jockey and his very funny team. Personally I didn’t like him, I found him misogynistic, ageist, fattist, when in fact he looks like Ichabod Crane’s ugly younger brother so I found it ironic he is so critical of other peoples appearance.

His team however I thought brought him a nice balance. But they have now all moved on to a live show on the comedy network. I watched it. They all look very self conscious of the cameras. I didn’t enjoy it.

I love the afternoon DJ, a larger than life funny guy, but now he is the morning DJ. But by morning I mean so early only a sparrow will hear the majority of his show. What a waste! Now there is some dude on in the afternoons, and he is surrounded by a group of noisy uninteresting unprofessionals. Some afternoons it sounds like a group of toddlers in my back seat bickering or singing over songs. FFS people listen to your show and realise you are just making noise!? One day this guy actually said ‘I love breast cancer survivors, they generally have bigger boobs.’

Seriously??? What a sleazy scumbag pig of a man.

They have some other dude on now in the late mornings who continually uses the wrong word. He uses actual words that do exist, he just uses them in the wrong context, and this is one of my pet peeves. If you make a living as a linguist you must be able to speak properly. At least he played Iggy Azalea. Once.

She breaks records on downloads and NO ONE gives her airplay? This is representative of the issue I have with South African radio stations. No awareness of international playlists.

So music exposure and professional radio is what I miss most about the US and UK.

I do have limits on what pop music I like and Britney Spears is not on my list of fan sites, but last night we were invited to dinner for a friends birthday at Beluga and this was the theme. Oh dear. Lily made an effort and put on some cute leather leggings and went as the black leather outfit Britney. I just threw on a wig and went as “”Weekend Britney”, aka ‘Britney just hanging round the trailer park’.


After the yelling of ‘surprise’ and shooting of poppers and blowing of party favours, we went back to our normal selves.


The service at Beluga was impeccable. They were happy to let us toot horns, pop things, shoot streamers and make noise and still brought a round of the most delicious caramel vodka shooters on the house. They rocked.

We had dim sum starters and sushi for mains.


We had an uber rich chocolate cake from Charley’s Bakery which was so delicious.

I had a plethora of strawberry daiquiris seeing as I had a designated driver.

Norman has been in Kenya the last week so we have all been busy coping. The week flew by and I even had a dental visit on Friday which Lily drove me to.

The weather is freezing cold and the wind has been howling. We even had a bit of hail. Today I am wrapped up in a faux fur blankie and snuggled up with the puppies. I am glad I have nowhere to be except with the ones I love.


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