All That Matters

This weekend I was supposed to have most of the book club girls and their fellas and kids here for dinner, but on Thursday I started feeling ill and by Friday morning I was feeling really horrid. I was also told I had to work on the weekend so it all worked out that I cancelled. I felt really bad about it as i was looking forward to seeing everyone but I certainly did not want to pass on my virus.

Saturday my daughters and I had an appointment with my Spinologist which is like a chiropractor but with no massage. It’s like the wham bam thank you mam of chiropractors. So we all got our backs cracked and came back home and I logged on. We had a few issues with some last minute client changes but eventually I logged off and got to relax.

Norm had shopped and made us dinner, one of my favourite meals, fillet steak, baked potatoes, mushrooms sautéed in butter, and steamed baby spinach. It was so divine and I felt so lucky and spoiled. There is something very sexy about a man who cooks. Throw in a scots accent and I don’t feel worthy 😉

The kids all stayed home, we built a huge roaring fire, and we watched horror films. I had such a warm feeling of contentment and happiness. Something which I have not had in my own home for so long, it was wonderful to feel it again.

Is this linked to the fact that Norm was in and out all week with the Neighborhood Watch? That we have taken away some of crime’s power to frighten us? Or is it just the natural numbing from the passage of time? Whatever the root cause, I am just glad to be feeling back to normal.

Today I have made a big pot of beef and vegetable stew and will make some couscous to go with it, Norm bought a fresh loaf today so we are now nesting for the rest of the day. Lucky I only had to work 2 hours today and I am hoping I can persuade Norm to make another fire. Today Lily is off at a conference in PE with her Uni, Josh is at the festival in Stellenbosch and Caitlin Norm and I are going to watch The Pillars of the Earth. I am loving having this cosy family weekend and I am full of gratitude for my warm home, the food in my belly, our health, and my lovely family and the love I have for them all. After all, that is all that matters.

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