Life Goes On

The last week or so has been challenging. I seesaw between normality and sadness. But one has to keep on keeping on…it is the nature of life.

My friends rallied round while Norman was away. Retha came and collected me on my 1st night alone and we went to the harbour for take out sushi from The Lookout Deck (yes again. I like sushi OK?). While there we had my fave – a frozen strawberry daiquiri. We had such a charming and devoted waiter even though we were getting take aways – his name was Tonic and he was indeed a tonic for my mood and had us laughing over our cocktails. We took our goodies back to join Pierre and we watched a film and had a laugh. It was just what I needed and I spent several hours with no tears.

I had booked a girls weekend away with the ladies in my bookclub ages ago and even though I was not feeling very sociable I packed up and went. I am so glad I did as we had a brilliant weekend. These ladies always make me laugh, all are brits and that is my sense of humour so we all chattered and giggled like schoolgirls.

We went to Aquila Game Farm and we were so lucky on our game drive, we saw elephants, rhinos, zebras, peacocks, buffalo, lions, hippos, ostrich and many types of bucks.

But to me the cherry on top of the whole weekend was our horseback safari. To be on such a majestic beast while riding in the most stunning country looking for animals was just so special.

I came home feeling like life was good, and I am blessed. I also came home to Norm and that made life complete.

Tonight I am off to a birthday party of someone I have only met online – nothing new there as I am used to that from my twitterati events and other networking events but I am still looking forward to it. There are so many people I chat to who will be there and I look forward to getting to know them in 3D. Enjoy your weekend and count your blessings.

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