Not A Beige Life

I am so organized that I didn’t need to go to the shops or leave the house from Saturday until Tuesday. I’m normally so busy that I actually started to develop a bit of cabin fever.

That only leads to mischief. 

Norm and I decided to do ear candling which is defined as: 

Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.

That’s me with no makeup on and wearing my PJs. Eek. Anyway, it helped my hearing.

Monday we were all home that evening, the girls and Norm had work that day. I had shredded up the remaining silverside beef roast I had done in the slow cooker for Sunday lunch. I made up a spicy BBQ sauce and marinated it, heating it that night and serving it up Southern Georgia style on buns, topped with coleslaw and served with crispy wedges roasted in coconut oil.

It was a taste memory from back home for sure. 

I had one more run round the shops planned on Tuesday to get fresh veg and other bits and pieces for Xmas eve and day dinners. Norm was worried the shops would be rammed and that I would drag him down so he refused to allow me to go with. He did a quick dash round on his own. Which is wonderful but chances are we are still missing some things.

Cranberry sauce! I just realized I didn’t put that on the list. 

See? If I walk round the shops then I think of these things. Never mind. Our deal was that instead he would take me to The Riverway Cafe. I hate shopping so I was happy with that. I got to relieve my cabin fever and I avoid the shops? 

Hell Yeah! 

We headed out and settled in to a lovely table outside in the shade. The riverbank was all abloom and the buddleia was attracting a few bees. 

We both opted for the chicken salad as we knew we wanted to try one of the milkshakes everyone has been raving about and wanted to save space. How cute are the sliced tomatoes round the edges? 

  I have had many things on the breakfast menu but only a few from this section. The chicken salad had a Mexican flavor to me. Norm disagreed as he detests Mexican food and he loved this salad. I adore corn and coriander.


We finished our salads and asked our server what milkshakes were on offer, he described several including strawberry and caramel but we both opted for the rolo.

Wow. It was unbelievably deliciously sinful. The milkshake was thick and the flavours blended perfectly.

It was so hot but we still decided to have a walk across the new bridge linking the areas together and as we were paying up we spotted Santa. 

  He greeted the kids.

We walked round the local shops and popped into & Banana and saw some stunning woodwork sculpture and lovely handbags, then into Rock Chic to drool over their stunning jewellry and crystals and finally we had a wander around the charming little nursery next to Ragafellows.

We headed back home and I had to sort the many bags of clothes and shoe donations we had collected as Thula Thula are too full to receive anything. My domestic goddess Cordelia is always keen on second hand clothes. I took out the expensive suits and designer labels and made a whole big bin bag full of items which we will give to Chic Mamas in Hout Bay. They can sale those and donate the cash to a charity.

I pulled out some of Caitlin’s donated cute items for Cordelia to give her daughter for Xmas and the rest we packed up in about 8 bulging black bags for Cordelia to slowly take home. She won’t take all at once as she doesn’t want to draw attention to herself as it can be dangerous. Last time we gave her loads at once she was robbed. She will keep what fits her or her family and sell on the rest of it to make money. Much better than gathering dust in my closet.

I relaxed in the shade by the pool the rest of the afternoon. I had made a beef stew out of the soup and veggies left from my roast so dinner was organized, we had bought a nice ciabatta to go with. Lily brought home Debra, a work colleague, to stay and we all chatted til bedtime.

Today I had a lazy morning, Norm brought me coffee in bed and I had a slow start, playing games surrounded by the cats and dogs. 

I sat in the shade under a tree by the pool for a while.

Pixie and the other beasties mooched around. 

But even in the shade it was so hot it wasn’t pleasant so I went to the back of the house and chilled under the patio. 

We finally have all of the outside patio couches and cushions set up, we had put them away for the winter.  It’s all creams and blues and beach themed as my girls redesigned the colour scheme.

I had bought bright pink, green, turquoise, red and all couloirs of the primary colour wheel in an African print.

I loved them, but then again I also painted my garden shed bright blue. I like colour. No surprises that fuchsias are my faves, mine are blooming beautifully.

I’ve never been the beige sort. I’ve never lived a beige life. I have few things I regret not doing as I’ve always been the sort who takes risks. Life is too short not to.

Our book club is full of adventurous women, we are all expats settled in South Africa, other than 1 who is local but married to a Brit. 

Today was our annual book club year end dinner with husbands and children included. We booked for 25 people at 4pm. Of course we were late, we are always late. We all rocked up just after 4.30 to Dunes Restaurant on Hout Bay beach.

The location is stunning.

We all drew names and painted our secret Santa recipient a piece of pottery at Clay Cafe. Today we exchanged them.

Dawn drew my name and painted a lovely red plate for me.

I love it!

The service was rather slack, my drink was missed on 2 of the 3 rounds with Norm finally giving up and going to the bar.

We ordered dinner and I had a fillet steak as the chef is a steak expert. 

The steak was perfect, the chips real- I.e. handcut and crispy and gorgeous. It was delicious. Veg was ehhh. Limp.

We had a lovely evening catching up and didn’t make it terribly late. Tomorrow I start cooking, we will have a roast gammon, potato salad and baked beans. I will do my cornbread for my stuffing and make my desserts, 

My son Trevor and his girlfriend arrive tomorrow, I’m so excited! Happy holidays to you and yours.

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