The Cup Runneth Over

I’m not into sport of any kind. The exception is where it’s an international event such as a World Cup. And by International I mean involving the entire world, not like the poorly named American World Series. I’m still confused by that one.

I’ve been watching some of the Rugby World Cup matches. Yesterday there were 2 big games being played. We stayed home to watch the Scotland and South Africa match. 

I love to support my country of residence most of the time, but I will always support Scotland. Norm and I were so depressed after Scotland lost so we headed off to Ragafellows for dinner. 

We enjoyed the starters on our last visit so much we had them again. We ordered the Salt Prawns with chilli sauce at R60 which is simply fat juicy prawns with a yummy sauce for dipping, as well as the Crispy Calamari at R50 which comes with an absinthe aioli. 

For our mains we both tried something different than our usual. I had the Bertram for R89 which is a beef patty, chorizo pulled pork, basil pesto, rocket, tomato. I had them hold the pesto, I detest pesto. 


Norm ordered the new addition to the menu, a dish designed for a man sized appetite, and named in honour of the infamous unmasked crime fighter, JJ De Villiers. 


A donation goes to support the perpetual battle against crime.

It is a beast of a meal, but Norm cleared his plate! 


It was a good ending to a lovely day, we went home and caught the end of the England vs Australia game. I was supporting England in this match in honour of the many years I lived there. Unfortunately England lost. Cue the rude memes. 

Ouch. Liz must not be pleased. 


I had a lovely day yesterday as I had a long lie in bed, then headed off for a lunch time appointment with my hairdresser Leandra at Mop Hair. It’s a lovely airy salon, I love getting the scalp massage and treatment when I get my colour done. I feel like a princess. 


That morning Norm had shown me a pic of a lovely trunk on sale on Facebook in a group and I casually said “ohhh I want it” and promptly forgot about it, but when I got home Norm had bought it for me as a surprise! 

It is a future project, we will paint it and it will be used for storage. We so need storage.

Note that when I say ‘we will paint’ what I really mean is ‘Norm will paint’. All I do is find the projects and Norm takes it from there. His dad had a joiners business and Norm has inherited his attention to detail. His current project is a second hand table. 

We kicked our Friday off with a curry fromThe Indian Oven in Hout Bay. A great curry take away is on almost every High Street in the UK so that is something we are so grateful finally came to Hout Bay. We had years of having to go out of the village to find a decent curry. The owner is from Durban so he knows his curry. I always have the prawn curry and it is nicely flavored and has fresh yummy prawns, we also always have the saag aloo. It was divine.

I did cook a chicken curry on Monday and pop it in the slow cooker. It was yummy and served us for a few quick meals and a lunch or two, even the dogs get leftover rice.  But by Friday we were happy to have another! 

Oh yes, I’ve had one exciting thing this week, I got a private message on Twitter from Groot Cobstantia about our experience at Jonkershuis and they offered us a wine and chocolate pairing tasting experience! That’s really cool of them I hope we can do it next weekend. 

Today we had a lazy morning as the dogs were also happy to chill. I played my silly games in bed and Norm snoozed. We finally got up at noon and headed off to our usual Sunday venue The Riverway Cafe. It was drizzling rain and the little stream was swollen and all the wildflowers were blooming on the banks. The renovation of that area is looking so lovely. 

We ordered our 2nd coffee of the day. I love their cappuccinos, so creamy. 


We ordered our food straight away, we had spent so long slobbing about I was starving!  I decided I could do justice to The Kitchen Sink.
It is a huge serving at R75 and is 2 eggs, artisanal bacon, beef and coriander sausage, herbed mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, baked beans, toast and room temperature butter. Room temperature butter makes me happy. I asked for medium eggs and they were perfect. My bacon was well done as requested.


Norm had a Grilled Honey and Lime Chicken Breast, with avo and rocket, served on an open toasted baguette.

He really enjoyed it.

After we ran our errands and headed home, Lily came back from George where she went for a funeral. Josh came back with her. I cooked fillet steak for the carnivores and soy sausages for Caitlin. To go with I fried some red peppers and onions, made whole mushrooms cooked in butter, baked some potatoes and made a salad of baby spinach, cucumber, feta and avocado with blue cheese dressing, 

We are rounding it off with the new version of Annie. Lily made a delicious strawberry shortcake.

It’s going to be another busy week. I hope you enjoy yours. 

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