Up, up, and Away

This year has gone by so quickly and has had both highs and lows, but predominately I would score it on the high side. It’s a year since I began the new client, project and site. I had some rough patches and the implementation of a project manager and a change in team lead resulting in a rational and pleasant team vibe. Things are now great, a challenging project but we are up to the challenge, we are a strong team,

The last night of December 2013 was spent waiting for the Queen’s Honours list to be published to see if Norm was on it after being told in confidence he had been nominated. And a night spent jumping around thrilled to bits when we discovered he was to be given an MBE. This was topped in April this year when we managed to fit in Norm’s investiture at Windsor Castle, a family wedding and a few meet ups of some of my best pals. We had a fabulous trip.

We were busy socially this year, and having the girls to look after as well, we are always doing something or other! We had Caits graduation and Lily finished her degree even if she won’t actually have the ceremony until April. My son and his girlfriend bought their second house. I bought a new car and got a pay rise. Best of all my mom came to visit. Various friends also came over throughout the year for visits.

There were sad and stressful events, my stepdad Tom passed, Norm’s ex wife committed suicide, Panda was attacked and we almost lost him. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for certain.

All in all it was a good year, I hope this next year 2015 is a good year. I’ll be able to see my son and his girlfriend more as their new house means we can stay there with the dogs. Lily and Caitlin will be finished studying so we can take turns shopping and cooking so hopefully as a family we will eat fewer takeaways this year. I need to get my health under control. The girls both join the work force as well so things will change with their schedules.

Work will continue to be busy but it’s a healthy team and things should be manageable.

My biggest change from 2014 is I’ve let go of a lot of resentment. I’ve realised the power I have and the universe has and that this power can be collectively harnessed. I’ve realised that holding onto hatred, negativity and anger only hurts me, not the recipient of those feelings. That energy is created within me and I choose whether to generate it, or whether to allow it to disable me. I choose my reaction.

This year will be about living in the present, embracing reality (and not my perceived reality) and choosing to live positively, unencumbered by the weight of the past. It’s empowering and freeing.


I wish all of you serenity in 2015.

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