Jazzing it Up

Yesterday was another of the jazz events Norm and I enjoy attending. This time it was held at Amakhaya Guest Lodge which is owned by Lee and Pierre. Lee is the daughter of Harry Peacock whose band was performing.

The weather was perfect, we arrived just after 5pm and the sun was still beating down, but after some negotiating of one of the many sun umbrellas and we were sorted. The seats were placed round the pool which made for a lovely setting.


My friend Caroline joined us.


We had brought our own drinks and snacks. I wasn’t driving so enjoyed some ice cold Sauvingnon Blanc.

The event started with a little dance treat by the Jikeleza Dance Project. The Jikeleza Dance Project works with young people and children in the communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg in Hout Bay, South Africa to empower and turn young lives around through dance and music. They strive to keep kids in school and have after school sessions with them where they study dance and music. Some of these children may have gone all day with no food, no breakfast or dinner. Can you imagine trying to learn when all you can think about is how hungry you are?

The girls were so adorable and all were wearing African face paint and had little shells full of beads tied round their ankles so each step generated a lovely sound.

My pics are not great as it was so bright and I didn’t want to block anyone’s view by standing in front of the dancers. But you can get a feel for it I hope.




This is such a worthwhile group, I so admire what they are trying to achieve and was happy to donate. If any one also wants to donate, especially those overseas, your foreign currency goes so far here, it would be wonderful if you ‘adopted’ this charity on an ongoing basis, but even a once off donation would be so helpful.

Norm seemed to really relax, he’s usually running round networking.

I do adore this man. My soulmate.

The band started up when the girls finished. Lots of people were dancing and we all really enjoying the music.


The sun set and it finally cooled off, it was just a magical evening.

The event was due to finish at 8 and we had another party to go to so we toddled off about 8:30 and dashed home to feed the pooches and let them have a wee, then off we went to Fish Hoek. We went via Chapman’s Peak Drive but the most beautiful drive was lost on us as it was pitch dark. We found the Athletics Club where the party was happening.

It was my friend Rhona’s 50th birthday and the theme was The Wild West.

The decorations were fabulous, they had put up saloon doors at the entrance, hay bales were piled up and they made wanted posters of many of the guests. All the guests really made an effort to dress up, the guest of honour looked stunning in a scarlet red saloon girl outfit she bought for the occasion. Rhona is a former work colleague who is now working in Dorset in the UK. She flew home just for the weekend!

They had a lamb on a spit and roast chicken, pita breads and cole slaw. By the time we ate it was about 10pm so I was like a half pissed ravenous menopausal bear.

I could have eaten my own leg by that stage! But the food was simple yet delicious. We shoved it all in the pita and wolfed it down.

There was a DJ and the crowd were all up dancing. We even got a boogie in, I do love dancing. It was the first time I met Rhona’s hubby and daughter and they were both really lovely, open and welcoming.

If we lived in Fish Hoek we would definitely join the Athletic Club, it’s a great venue and the members all seemed like such lovely people.

We finally set off home about 12.30 and when we got to the stop and go section of roadworks on Chappies there was no one anywhere to be seen to let us through. We waited, and waited and finally hooted the horn. No Joy. Norm started to get out to check things out but it’s too risky in SA to be wandering in the dark in an unknown situation. I thought I could see boots in the little shed the workmen use so I sat on the hooter. Finally a guy pops out the shed, rubbing his eyes. He had been sound asleep on duty. Oh dear. Never mind. After 10 minutes we finally get waved through and head home.

Today is also a stunning day. We have no kids this weekend so Norm made us coffee and toasted ciabatta when he fed the dogs, and we slothfully spent the day in bed. It was heavenly! We finally surrendered to the heat and our hunger and got up about 2.30!

I put on my new leopard print swimming costume and giant hat and had my lunch by the pool. I spent all day there, retreating to the shade after a bit to avoid burning.

Norm is now braaing some kebabs for us and I’m off to make a salad, then we are going to watch a film.

Life is rather fabulous.

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