Last night I went to Peddlar’s on the Bend in Constantia for dinner. It was planned as a book club get together with the George escapees, but most couldn’t make it so there were only 3 of us who were there. Cait dropped me so I didn’t have to drive as I intended to have a bit of wine. In the end we had 3 bottles of Splattered Toad Sauvignon Blanc, a cheap and cheerful easy drinking wine.

We talked and talked and talked to the point that we ended up being the last people in the place, not surprising when we ordered a bottle when they called last rounds. A bit cheeky but they let us get away with it.

We were dining inside at the Italian Volare. I had the fillet steak,I have had it before and loved it so tried it again. It came with mash and mushroom gravy and I ordered a side of spinach which was nicely stir fried, still slightly al dente, not like most South Africans prepare it, puréed with cream. It was divine. Nikki had the veal Marsala which was nicely tender and Tina had the arrabiata pasta.

But mostly we chattered and drank, it was a great night rehashing old stories and discussing people from our pasts. We all have successful husbands in some fashion or another, but all from different worlds. Only 1 of us is still married to the man she was with when we were friends. We all have our kids in common, we all were play group moms together and would have play dates for the kids and the moms! This was back in the early 90s, what seems like a life time ago.

Here is a pic of me and my kids back then.


I barely recognize me then…and then sometimes I barely recognize me now.

I’ve changed so much in so many ways. Through pain is growth. I am a survivor – a chameleon of sorts. I shape shift into whatever is best for that situation.

And I know some changes come through love. I was so OCD about anything moving in my house. An ornament turned 2 deg would set my teeth on edge. But then I had kids and to have a peaceful life I had to get over that. The love of my children was more important to me, it seemed silly to care if something was moved.

But I still had my germophobia. And then I had 3 incredibly hairy dogs. And now every item of clothing, every object in the house is full of hair. Even hoovering every 2nd day or so it is mad. It takes daily run rounds with a broom or vacuum.

But I don’t care too much. I just brush it off. Because again, the love for my 5 animals outweighs my OCD. That’s growth right?

I know what matters and I know I am blessed with the life and family I have and I am so thankful of it all.

Today is being spent just hanging round the house – Pixie is a bit better today and can stand a bit steadier. I feel less worried but she is still in the cage to avoid stair climbing, couch jumping and Navajo bashing.

But I feel hopeful! Thanks for all of your kind messages about her.

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