Riding Into The Wind

I had such a fabulous weekend but this week has rattled along and I have been neglectful in sharing the fabulousness.

We had a busy week last week and a busy weekend planned so on last Friday night we just had a quiet family night in and Norm cooked for us girls and made my fave, fillet steaks. He did mash and steamed veggies and it was yummy. I realise what a lucky woman I am. We rented some movies and watched the Seth Rogen film ‘This is the End’. It was a rather irreverent film about the Apocalypse.  It was absolutely fabulous, I laughed so hard and was so mesmerised by the demons.

Saturday we had plans to go to Fat Cactus with friends we met originally on Twitter but whom I consider to be great pals now, a lot of fun and always up for a laugh. We sat outside in the crazy wind and sucked down pitcher after pitcher of their frozen strawberry margaritas.  The problem is that they taste like a slush puppy and feel so harmless until you try to walk to the car and realise you have lost the use of your limbs.


We ordered a big platter of all sorts of bits and pieces to share as a starter and then we all ordered mains.


It became quite evident that our waitress was employed more for how she fit into the denim shorts she was wearing than for her skills as a waitress as she was pretty shite. She messed up 2 of our orders (as in brought completely the wrong dishes). Then when Di could not finish her food (due to having eaten half of the wrong order and then half the right order) her take away got put in the bin. As an apology they brought an additional shot of tequila.

I had such a fab evening due more to the margaritas and my friends than due to the food..

My overall weekend planning was not so well thought out however as we had plans for brunch at Cheyne’s the next morning and Cheyne is one of the best chefs in South Africa.

Sunday was the Argus cycle race which is run throughout the Cape Town southern suburbs. The Argus is the world’s largest timed cycle race with up to 35,000 cyclists competing. The route is insane and goes up and down mountains and some crazy curves. The route goes right through our village and results in the roads all being closed in and out.

Several  restaurants had breakfasts and brunches al fresco, sitting by the route and cheering them on. The wind was howling like mad so we were getting our heads blown off, so ended up moving inside to finish our last course.

The menu on offer was a feast. It started with beautifully presented fruit, yogurt with honey and granola.


Next was a fresh baked cinnamon and apple muffin.


The next course I wasn’t keen on, but miso soup is not my fave. This was miso soup with a quails egg and mushrooms.


The finale was moved indoors as the wind had become a bit unbearable. We were settled inside and got to view the cool art on display.


The last course was eggs Benedict on steroids.

It was on a toasted brioche, a nest of what tasted like maple glazed pulled pork. Oh my word it was heaven in my mouth!! On top of that was the poached egg which was covered in hollandaise and topped off with perfectly crisped streaky bacon.

It was an amazing meal. So much so I had to have a nap!

We were entertaining that evening and Norm and I both had to sleep and woke just in time to tidy up. I had cooked a giant pot of chilli and our guests brought some to compare. It was all delicious but I was still hungover and tired and we all finished by 10 as it was a work night.

The week went quickly and I’m glad we are having a family pajama weekend! Enjoy yours everyone

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