Social Butterfly

This week is going to be such fun. I have a dinner tonight at Ragafellows with the George Ladies which has now morphed into an online book club of sorts. (More books I won’t have time to read? Lovely.)
I just join for the chat and the wine and the camaraderie. It is nice to touch base with people who have been in your life for 20 years (even if you don’t see them for 10 of those!) Our kids all know each other at least tangentially and when you have moved as many times as I have it is nice to feel a bit of a long term connection with people.

Tomorrow night Norm and I are off to the British High Commission to celebrate the opening of Parliament. The last function I went to for the British High Commission was on a ship and involved a multitude of friendly sailors who had been off at sea for months and months. Oh, and an open bar. That is such a deadly combo. I was relatively well behaved however, mostly due to my hip hurting – I was not long post op and I was still a bit sore to stand. Else we probably would have shut the ship down or at least hung around until the bar closed. Luckily Norm is a sensible sort (aka spoilsport) and dragged me out of the company of the very friendly sailors to get some dinner to sober me up.

Then I have booked us to go again to Ragafellows for Valentine’s Day. It is a set menu for R250 per head. I thought that quite reasonable for 3 courses and it means we can both relax and have some time together. Not to mention that the food is always divine and the set menu sounds perfect! I’ve included it just in case you have not made plans for your special night, I may potentially be saving your relationship  You can thank me later. Maybe send over a bottle of wine even….and if it gets you some action, then you owe me at least a voucher for another meal. At least :)


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