Unlucky Thirteen

I must say I am not sorry to see the end of 2013. Maybe it’s true that 13 is unlucky? We have had such loss. My children’s childhood nanny and 2nd Mom/Grandmom passed away, my stepfather passed away, my son lost 2 kittens, this week a bird died in my care and then today I hear about my childhood friend Robin dying.

My heart is sore. I think of her family who lost her brother Lee a few years ago. I think of her children and grandchildren who are left behind. I think of all of the years we lost touch with me moving around the world, back before everyone had at least an email addresses if not a Facebook account.

Facebook is how we finally reconnected. I was able to update her on my life and she was able to update me on hers. I was so excited to find her.

We reminisced over our youth. We were teens when we met as we went to different primary schools. We spent so much time together and got into such trouble… Innocent 1970s type trouble. Things were different then. We would sneak out of my bedroom window. We would meet up with her brother or with one of our other friends who had cars. We would park off In a random field belonging to a farmer, pop in an 8track and dance around, drinking a beer if we were lucky.

Then we would go home and climb back into the window as if nothing had happened.

We had such a laugh. Her brother was much older than us it seemed then, in reality only few years. He was one of my 1st crushes.

We would baby sit for Robin’s sister Debbie and once the boy I was running around with had his Mom show up at my Mom’s when he didn’t make it home by curfew. Which of course resulted in all 3 parents comparing notes and realizing none of us were where we were supposed to be.

At that age a year seems an eternity. I still feel we are far too young to have lost so many classmates.

I feel so sad for her family, her children and grandchildren cheated of time with her. Of course in the big scale of things one of our lives is but a blip on the time line. I hope Robin is one of my soul connections and will be with me in one of my next lives.

We can only hope 2014 brings more happiness to us all. I hope her family find peace

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