An Elephant Never Forgets

I remember when I first heard about genetic memory. It was in regards to elephants and that they can locate water holes they have not visited in generations. I guess I never thought about the concept that humans can also exhibit genetic memory until recently.

Is it actually genetic memory, or is it a memory from a past life? Is that feeling we all call deja vu a memory? An image stored in our brains as a child which is forgotten by our conscious minds, dwelling in the back of our childhood images, our minds flicking through them like an old school slide show projector.

I recently won a treatment from Inner Peace Healing in a competition. I was really keen as I had never had kinesiology and that was one of the treatments offered, and it was what Robyn suggested we start with.

You simply lie down and Robyn then tests various points on your body by pushing on them, she asks questions and then ‘tests’ the body’s reactions. I was thinking it seemed a bit airy fairy but then she seemed to ‘lock in’ to her higher power or spirit guide or whomever was giving her the scoop. She started to ask me about certain ages of my life. She would find a ‘blockage’ and then ask, ‘what happened when Lisa was x age’. She then would work on clearing the energy of that area. She worked through my own life and then started going back to times which happened hundreds of years ago. She would then get a message that in year 1579, for example, such and such happened.

The most amazing bit was when she came to my right hip (not the one I had replaced) and said that I had a block there as I had died from a fall from a horse. She then said ‘you were a man in this life’ and then we both said at the same time ‘no, a boy’. My eyes flew open as I realised we were completely experiencing the same thing. I then went back to my relaxed state and we carried on, she and I were repeating the same things at the same time. In summary, I was a Lord and the heir to a very wealthy family when I fell from my horse and died.

She went back to a past life when I was a slave, she talked about what happened and who it happened with. I knew it was another life experience with my ex-husband before she confirmed it. I was the slave, he was the Master. That explains a lot.

When I was having past life regression one of the concepts I heard about was genetic debt or memories where you hold onto the bad energy from your ancestral line. I don’t think this happens at the cellular level, I imagine it to be more of a universal energy type of thing. But what do I know? I am but the psychic equivalent of Dora the Explorer. Minus the cute monkey.

I have not blogged in a few weeks, as Norman was away in Mexico, then Scotland and then Lesotho. We deliberately kept it quiet about his travel as we always have drama when he is gone. This time I at least had Lily with me as Caitlin had already gone to visit her Dad and Josh has finished his studies and moved back to George to work with his dad.

We did have a wee bit of drama on the last night before Norm returned. It was a torrential downpour, one of the worst storms to ever hit the Cape. Lily and I had fallen asleep on the couches watching telly and woke at 1:00am suddenly. We then got up to go upstairs to bed and noticed the alarm was flashing and not armed. Then our bedroom sensor went off and the alarm started shrieking. We then heard over the Neighbourhood Watch radio that there were 5 black men armed with knives being chased by the police. Just what you want to hear when in a pseudo-panic. I’m surprised we didn’t shriek with the alarm, but we held hands and crept bravely upstairs to my bedroom. There were no signs of anything of concern but we still asked ADT to come and do a walk around.

We then realised the earth leakage had been tripped by water permeating the electric gate system and that was what was causing havoc. I knew that Norm does something or other out in the guest flat when that happens, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. Lily and I went out in the pouring rain and had a fiddle about, by then ADT had arrived and Lily went out to speak to them, she got completely drenched and they told her they cannot help us, we have to phone the technical team. We went back outside and faffed around for a bit, not having a clue what we were doing.

We realised all of the plugs were off due to the earth leakage, so the deep freeze and fridge were off. This made me worry about all of our dog meat spoiling (that shit is expensive!!). Lily decided to sleep me with in my giant bed and we locked up all of the security doors and went to bed. I lay there worrying about the fact we were sleeping with no alarm on and my freezer was slowly thawing. Also I could not put my fan on and I am one hot mama when sleeping, I gotta have a fan.

And then I had a burst of sense, (not easy at 2am) and realised that if we isolate the gate off the circuit we could put the earth leakage back on and the plugs would at least work. So up we get, unlock all of the security gates, trudge back downstairs and sort that out, giving each other a high five when the plugs all beeped back on.

The next day we found it all quite amusing, but at the time we were petrified.

Today is Thanksgiving and also Hanukkah. If you celebrate either of these holidays, I wish you happiness. I do not celebrate but I am still thankful. I have a wonderful husband who adores me, I have 3 beautiful, clever amazing children and we have a lovely comfortable home. I still have my Mom even if I seldom get to see her, I have great friends and a well paid job. I have so many blessings and I am so grateful for them all. I hope you are also blessed and if so – I hope you are grateful and give thanks to whatever power you believe in.

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