Mirror, mirror, on the Wall

This week flew by what with sleepless nights thanks to our puppy. Friday came round so fast, and then Norm advised me he was not willing to leave Navajo alone so he wasn’t coming out with me. We had planned for ages to go to Pure Restaurant at Hout Bay Manor as they were having a soirée to launch their new menu. So I decided to go on my own and my friends offered me a lift.

Before I left that night, I walked into Lily’s room and caught my reflection in her mirror and I thought how thin I was looking in my new jeans. I had just seen myself in the other mirrors and knew the image was deceptive, but still I let myself believe it. Because it was beneficial to my self image and because it helped me be confident. And surely how you look is influenced by how you feel, when you feel confident you walk taller, when you hold yourself straighter you look better. So is outer beauty influenced by your perceptions?

We arrived promptly at 6.30 and snagged a couch by the fire. We had the lovely sparkling wine on arrival, then we had a drink in the bar. Soon we were all ushered into the restaurant and we thought we were finally getting fed, but no. Still no sign of food by 8pm and both Pierre and I have blood sugar issues, when we need to eat we need to eat. So we decided to go to Papino’s. So off we go, arriving to a heaving full restaurant. We were given a table straight away and then forgotten. We tried waving our arms frantically in the air to no avail. We could see people walking in to the take out counter and ordering yet we had no visibility to the staff. We finally found the menus and decided what we wanted but no one arrived after 20 minutes. By then we just couldn’t cope and the friend who was driving wanted to go. So off we went home.

As well as us, we saw a lot of people leaving Pure, free wine and no food is a risky combo. Then today we see people saying how fabulous the food was and I am sorry we didn’t just stick it out another half hour, them we would have had a great night. If we had waited a few minutes with either scenario we would be fed. A lesson that anticipation is half the wait. That makes no sense – is that a saying or another Lisa-ism?

That so many people can perceive the same event so differently? The same sleight of mirror as the one in Lily’s room I suspect, we believe what we choose and react how we wish.

My daughters went to a birthday party Friday night and got home very tipsy at 2am so I was concerned about Lily waking for our hair appointment in the CBD at MOP Hair. I was right to be concerned as Lily was feeling a bit rough. But we made our 10am appointment and we both had our hair done and I treated Lily to a pedi. After we had been going for lunch but decided to opt for take outs. We stopped at Jason’s bakery but as it was after noon nothing was left except lamb.

We popped across the street to Cafe Frank. We ordered 2 club sandwiches on bagels and coffees to go. We somehow ended up with one chicken mayo and one club sandwich but never mind they were halved so we each had a half of each. They were delicious! But very very messy. You could never eat it dressed in work clothes unless very carefully or with a fork. The sauce dripped from it, a tangy blend which tasted of Dijon mustard. The chicken mayo had loads of dill slices and the club had perfectly crispy bacon. The coffees were perfect, strong, not bitter and with a rich creamy topping of foam. We also had cookies to share which were very nice as well. Definitely a place to be recommended if in the city centre and you want something filling yet quick.

Tonight we are building a big fire and getting Chinese food. Cozy night in with the family in order. Last night even Lola came in and chilled on the settee unbothered by the presence of Navajo. Slowly we are all settling into our pack.

2 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror, on the Wall

  1. I have a mirror like that too, I always look so slim in it, until I go out in the real world and see my reflection. Patience is something we all have to learn in different situations I guess. I still had FOMO with all the #pureparty tweets!!! glad the weekend seems to have ended on a better note than what it started! 🙂


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