All Grown Up

Last week was my son Trevor’s 27th birthday. I still get surprised when I realise I have ‘children’ so old. How did that happen? Trevor and his girlfriend Amber arrived down to visit us on Wednesday which meant I had several days with them and I was so excited! I have not spent Trevor’s actual birthday with him in so many years I cannot remember when it last was.

We tend to dine at home for family birthdays and the birthday person gets to pick what meal and what cake we have. Amber had made some carrot cake cupcakes already so Trevor opted for chocolate fudge. The girls and I then made a mexican feast for the birthday boy. Caitlin made home made chilli poppers, and I made enchiladas with home made sauce, and we all helped to make tacos and burritos. It was yummy if I say so myself 🙂 Trevor got lots of cool pressies and seemed very happy with our choices.

Trevor is such a sweet, handsome young man, and I am just so proud of him. I sometimes look at him and just see my Father – the older he gets the more he resembles my dad. It is sometimes quite uncanny!


As the weekend progressed I felt my throat starting to itch and my eyes started to water and I just got worse and worse. We had all planned a visit to the HB Harbour Market on Friday as Trevor and Amber had never been, but I just was not up to it. Instead Norman and I just got some take outs and stayed in to watch a movie. It made me happy that all of my kids and their partners were out together. I love that they are friends and enjoy spending time together. To me there is nothing worse than siblings who have nothing in common, and cannot be friends. As I have no siblings myself I find that hard to understand.

Saturday night was a friend’s birthday at La Mouette which is one of my favourite venues and I had been looking forward to it all week, but by that evening I could barely sit up much less go out and function. Norman phoned Tony the birthday boy and gave our apologies but I felt so bad as I am generally a reliable sort. if I say I am coming to something I will be there. The trend in Cape Town is to play it by ear and show or not show depending on their mood of the moment or whatever better offer they get! That annoys the hell out of me! Trevor, Amber and Caitlin all went off to the other side of town to visit some friends and Lily and Josh chilled out at home with us.

Yesterday was a day of relaxing for all. I made a big pot roast and we all just chilled out and relaxed.

Tonight is a Neighbourhood Watch meeting for the new people to get to know each other. I had been looking forward to meeting some of the voices I hear on the radio and chat with online but I am still not up to it. Norman will have to represent our household in this meeting….maybe it is best if they get to know the calm, rational spouse before they meet the noisy one??

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